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Longhair Loves

~Someone Who Understands

All the right stuff and kisses, too!

Off To A Good Start


She is really enjoying her new house and already knows her crate is her home and we can hardly keep her from hanging in it all day!

Breeder Comment

We are pleased that she likes her crate. Sometimes the crate training is hard to master. It is good to have a right-sized safe-feeling location. Once they accept it, then the only other hurdle might be if they get territorial. The Weimaraner can be protective of their space–it is a good idea to move the location of the crate from time to time. This helps prevent them from protecting their corner of the room so to speak. (OMG)

2018 Weekly Synopsis


    ~December 29, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Christmas came and went and now the New Year is all the rage. Monday is, of course, New Year’s Eve, and then we will start chewing away on 2019. How quickly the year’s pass. Many a friend has commented that 2018 was not all that kind to them. Nonetheless, it was time allotted.

We had a little event in the neighborhood on the day after Christmas–one of the neighbors took out the power pole (it was an encounter with farm machinery)–our power went off just as the First Responder’s Bowl (with the Boise State Broncos) was getting started. The game had already been delayed due to the weather–lightening. Cliff called in the outage because we guess folks don’t know you should do that. Idaho Power came out and got us going in quick order, but the football game ended up being canceled. Can I say it was a bit disappointing for the team and their fans? (OMG)


This week is a busy one–we are slightly short-handed with the holiday, you understand?!? Nonetheless, between what Christina could offer, Cliff and I have managed to keep up. (Haha) We heard from a client who got a Weimaraner from us eight years ago. We had not had much contact since the first year or so. It was excellent to learn that Penny is going strong and much-loved. Her newsy update will appear on the OwyheeStar Blog this week–thank you, Dionne. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to working with you again. (BTW) So, there is the puppy stuff which is taking us more than one direction, but also the application replies as well as inquiries. I suppose we get about a hundred inquiries most quarters. Of course, many of those come to nothing.

This Week On the Blog…

We continue to marvel at your kindness to us–keeping us apprised as well as the faithful who Email us updates to help with this blog. (Hurrah–we are blessed indeed!) It was heartwarming to hear that Mesquite is doing excellent after her brush with the life-threatening incident. We learned yesterday that her stitches are out and she is getting back to her old ways.

Sunday— December 21 — Comfort First

Monday–- December 24 — Waiting for Christmas

Tuesday — December 25 — Merry Christmas

Wednesday —December 26 — Two Weim Household –First OwyheeStar

Thursday –-December 27 — Rain or Snow–ready to go

Friday — December 28 — Remember Mesquite

On a very personal note

Cliff and I had an uneventful Christmas–our Christmas Eve family event was canceled — twice. We no longer plan to try to make something work as I understand it. It is a situation where the flu-bug hit twice, and then there is the scheduling thing from here on out. We have to be out of town two days this week. There are other things as well–it was kind of sad as Christmases go, but we had each other. That is a lot more than some folks have so for that we are ever so thankful.

I am putting away the Christmas. We await the arrival of the Great Granddaughters to pick up their gifts. We don’t know exactly when that will be just yet. Ashley was feeling ill two days ago. (OMG) We did have a little visit with Christina and Jacob–it was great to have the time with Jacob. That is one of the ones we rarely get a visit from, so there is that. (Haha)

Merry Christmas

~From Cliff and Shela

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