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Featured Weimaraner — Peabody

P1070943P1070429Mr. Peabody–at almost a year!

Can’t believe Mr. Peabody is 11 months old already. I have never had kids but often hear people talk about the “stages” they go through. He seems to change every week.

Mr. Peabody Chews and Eats Anything/EverythingP1070952

Right now he is ALL legs and really a love bug but wants to chew and eat everything in site. He chewed the piping off of one of our couch cushions but more alarming is what this dog eats seemingly with no ill effects. We provide all the chew toys that weirs love including Nylabones, treats-in-a-toy, and everything else under the sun.

Peabody is a demolishing crew in one

Mr. Peabody and his puppy!

Mr. Peabody and his puppy!

He chews them up (them being all these grand toys and chews we get him) until there is nothing left except for his puppy, of course. That one is still in one piece minus an ear. He loves it.

Featured Weimaraner — Betsy

“Woof Woof (or I meant hello there) !family game night

You probably read my Mom’s message about me, and the changes. Yes, Mom went away and brought home a baby. I was really worried at first, and the baby was crying and crying. I didn’t know what to do or think. I got sick, and Mom was worried about me. Since then, things with me and the baby have changed a lot. (“Woof”)

Laughter comes naturally when there is a Weimaraner 

One day, some time after the first projectile-crying-homecoming-event, my services we needed in a big way. After weeks of Mom trying everything she could imagine to get the baby to laugh, she asked for my help. She took her outside to play ball with me, and just the sight of me with a ball in my mouth made her giggle like crazy. Baby Blair is just 4 months old here 🙂 in this video. I think I do pretty good baby work don’t you?

I work with Dad, and do a little modeling too!

Betsy as a modelYes, I am an official greeter, but my duties have expanded.  I have been asked to take on more responsibility.  I’ve been working to earn my keep as a model. If you want, check me out in the Bogs catalog! I am not on the online catalog yet. Please buy some of my dad’s great boots, and make me smile too!

Featured Weimaraner — Betsy

Betsy is about to turn 3

Betsy vigilant and watchful

Betsy vigilant and watchful

It’s been forever since we sent an update of Betsy. She’s just a few days away from her third birthday and has definitely matured in the last year to a grown-up.

Betsy is busy–we have had a big change!

It was a tough transition going from an only child to having to take care of an infant. Betsy has learned to pitch in and help, and she’s been really busy raising our baby.The night we came home from the hospital, the baby wouldn’t stop crying and Betsy threw up all over the carpet.


`family game night

We knew adding a baby would mean change!

We made sure to give Betsy a lot of extra attention (so she would not feel displaced). Over the months, she’s grown to understand that raising this baby is her responsibility. She immediately lets me know whenever the baby wakes up, cleans her up after meals, and plays keep away with her.

Betsy still goes to work with her Dad..

We can tell that the responsibility wears her down at home, so she still gets to go to work every day with her dad to get a break. News of her work at our company will come in a later post. Betsy has written in from her perspective. She never ceases to amaze us. 🙂

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Breeder’s Note: It is especially important to keep your Weimaraner wormed when you have a baby (or small children) in residence. Roundworms and hookworms are the most common problems, but a broad-based worming program is important. Please discuss the proper protocol with your veterinary of choice.

Featured Weimaraners — Rocky and the new girl

Bringing home a second Weimaraner 

Sleeping Beauty's 1st Night

Sleeping Beauty’s 1st Night

  • Is exciting
  • Means potential new challenges
  • Takes a knack
  • Multiplies the fun/joy
  • You might want to read our blog on the topic ( click here )

    Rocky and her new sister -- too cute!

    Rocky and her new sister — too cute!

Featured Weimaraner — Arnie

Arnie and Gil duck hunting near Moses Lake, Washington-November 2012

Our Arnie’s first duck hunt happened this past weekend  He is a natural duck hunting dog. I am now going to get him on Pheasants as well as soon as possible.

Since things went so well, I thought I would send you a couple of pictures of our Arnie on his first duck hunt. I was not able to take him hunting last year. However, my son Mark and I were able to go duck hunting this weekend. We went to the Moses Lake, Washington area; and we took Arnie with us. He was great for his first time and retrieved several ducks for us.

Arnie is a Blue Weimaraner

Arnie is our first Blue; he is a BIG boy weighing 90 lbs. I would agree with you that he is a “typical” Weimie except for his coat color. He is one of the most gentle Weims we have ever had in our 40 years of having Weims. He never growls at other dogs and we exercise both he and Stella about 4 times a week where they can run off leash and also come into contact with other dogs. Both he and Stella never initiate aggressive postures against other dogs. We have had just a few other dogs initiate aggressive behavior but fortunately nothing that became a big dog fight.

Loveseat Weims

Stella and Arnie get along really well and thanks for your recommendation to get a boy weim when our Leela (our beloved Weimaraner that lived to be sixteen years and three months) passed.

Stella watches a tiny Arnie

It has worked out great. Both our OwyheeStar Weims are doing well–Stella stayed home on this trip.

Breeder’s Note: Gil and Fran are experienced with the breed, but even then this breed can be challenging to get raised. They have done a great job with these two wonderful Weims. As they alluded to, the Weimaraner can be territorial and almost aggressive. A person has to be able to work them through these potential pitfalls. Placing too much emphasis on these behaviors can be counterproductive. The person who is matter-of-fact rather than reactive is going to have the best results. It is important to think of these actions in the right way–Cliff says these behaviors are more possessive than aggressive by nature. Therefore, labeling or looking at the behavior as aggression (and overreacting) can ingrain the behavior rather than get them past it. Finally, respect is earned, and the smart handler/trainer learns to elicit in the right manner. Severe correction can only be used in extreme situations. The Weimaraner has a very tender nature. Good leadership skills will take you in the right direction, whereas the heavy-handed approach can damage your relationship.

Dodger — The Featured Weimaraner

We thought you’d like to know how our little bundle is adjusting. Here are the pictures 😀 Dodger is growing like a weed. He loves coming to work with me, which is making him a very well socialized pup. He is still pretty talkative especially while in the crate…but we got him one of those heartbeat pillows and it seems to help.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We love our little guy and apart from a few accidents on the floor he’s starting to get the hang of going potty outside. He has a whole basket of toys and played so hard with me outside the other day I had to carry him in and he went right to sleep in my arms.

Hope you both are well, we are so pleased with Dodger-we really can’t imagine not having him in our home.

Random Photos

Here are a few photos taken in and around OwyheeStar this last week. We sincerely hope you enjoy this photo array….

Heidi spends Easter in Lewiston, Idaho

I thought you might like to see the beautiful pose Heidi held for my friend photographing us up in Lewiston on Easter.  She had a nice romp in the snow on her first birthday up at Schweitzer Basin, during their last ski weekend of the year.  There were quite a lot of dogs, lots of skiers whooshing past her at the base of the hill, and lots of music, noise and little kids.  She did remarkably well with all of the chaos, and was the star of the show, as usual.  Well socialized with the other dogs, and behaved with the little kids bonking her on the nose with their ski gloves. 

She doesn’t eat a lot, gets a lot of exercise, but at 63#’s now, our Polka Dot x Blue baby just keeps growing.  And we just keep loving her more.

Val, Paul, and Heidi Ho, Meridian, Idaho

Kona is a Sweet Weimaraner

Kona at 1 Year

Our sweet baby girl turns 1 years old next month! Can’t believe it! 

She sucks on the duck’s butt without fail…

She is 60 lbs now, loves to cuddle, go on car rides, eat peanut butter, run off leash, play w/ puppies, and suck on her duck butt among many things (see the picture below; every night without fail when she is ready to get ready for bed, she goes and gets her stuffed duck from the bedroom and brings it into the the living room where she sucks on the butt and kneads at the neck ; she totally zones out and relaxes during this time; then when we’re ready we go up to the bedroom, she brings her duck with her; so adorable!!)

 Kona is loved! She has also found her voice.

We love her to pieces. She’s had hiccups along the way this past year, we continue w/ some struggles, and she’s far from perfect but so are we (she found her voice these last couple months and realized barking gets reactions… oops! but she also uses it to just make absurd sounds, moans, groans, and squeaks, which we love).

Kona is a cuddle-bug and bit part of our lives.

She’s a loyal companion, a wonderful cuddler, a great adventurer, a fantastic security system for anything moving around our house including the wind…, and just an all around awesome dog (although I don’t think she realizes she’s a dog and I’m pretty sure she thinks she owns us- though honestly, she pretty much does and we wouldn’t have it any other way).


Kona waits patiently in hope of receiving a well-deserved treat!

The pics are from these last couple weeks- birthday ribbons from Bobby’s birthday, snuggles w/ dad-how they greet one another after he gets home from work, patiently waiting in the spot and hoping for treats while we cook, and sucking on her duck in the evening.

Dozer the Weimaraner Wonder Dog

Dozer still goes to work with me!

I wanted to update date you on Dozer, and I have included a couple of pictures of Dozer–some are when he first arrived. He and I are doing great together. I still take him with me to work everyday and hes always ready to go in the morning.

Bird Hunting News

He also had a pretty good first year of bird hunting. He got me on a lot of quail and pheasant and I’m still amazed at his natural instinct once he gets a scent. I’m hoping to buy my first house within the year and I was thinking about getting another Weim. If you have a litter in the near future with some silver females let me know and I’ll hopefully have the room for another one.