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Arliss celebrates Christmas in California

Look we have a tree too!

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Arliss turns seven

Can you believe that Arliss is 7?   Dec 1st  was his birthday.

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The celebration was overshadowed by a terrible Black Friday loss…

It was a very quiet and sad B Day for both Arliss and I and little Abigail, we lost our Annabelle (Airedale) 11/29 (Blk Fri).

You just never know.  We all went on our walk Tue night after work, and Wed AM I knew something was wrong when she would not eat, by my Vet appointment she was unable to walk.  Urine sample red with blood. (if I didn’t know better I would of thought it was a blood sample)  What was going on was the red blood cells where killing each other (I.M.H.A.)  With the Holiday and all the Vet gave her a huge dose of Steroids plus sent some home with me; as I didn’t want her sitting in the ER over the Holiday, the steroids just never kicked in to stop this process.

They say Airedales are head strong and do not wear their emotions on their paws, they like to hide their true feelings, unlike any Weimaraner that I have had.  You know the minute that they are not feeling good.

The great thing that I have learned out of all this over the Holiday is that their are some wonderful people out there.  Friends stepping in to help; the vet checking in on me daily and a Service called Compassionate Care (in the Portland Area) it’s a team of Vets that come to your Home to help you with your final goodbyes. (Very reasonable) Arliss and Abigail where both with us, so they both got to see her before and after.  Now mind you when she was there trying to get through all this they gave her, her space but in the end they both wanted to get closer, Arliss gave her a little tap with his nose and walked away until she was gone and came back for one last look and left the room.  They are both staying a little closer to me but I think we all are doing good because she was with us in her final hours.  And she didn’t have to be moved in her final hours, all 69 lbs of her.

I’m not the best writer and my words are not doing her justice she was a Very good middle child, loved her brother and sister.

It’s been seven years, time fly’s. ~ Arleen Abigail and Arliss  Missing Annabelle

Breeder’s Note: Arleen, you are so right. A person never knows how long any living creature will be with them. There are so many things that play into the timeline;  (at times) the unexpected creeps up on us. Dealing with this type of loss is hard for everyone. Abigail and Arliss got to say good-bye, and they are sharing the loss with you. It is good you have each other. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Annabelle will be missed, but she left some wonderful memories for all of you. That being said, there are no adequate words to address her departure. Thank you for sharing this beautiful window into her good-bye.

Arliss soon to be seven years old…

This is my Goofy Arliss with his white face!

Whatcha looking at?

Whatcha looking at?

He will be 7 this Dec.  Maybe all the girls in this house give him these gray hairs.

My boy Arliss

My boy Arliss

I have been working lots of hour with Pear season in full swing.  But they all are waiting for me to leave the house, so they can get their treat.

Arliss Running

Arliss Running

Sometimes I can not get my shoes on fast enough for Arliss.  He is always the first one out in the garage waiting for his treat.  It also helps me go out that door knowing I will be gone a min of 12 hours.

Arliss at the beach

Arliss at the beach

Love reading your post daily. Arliss is my Goofy Gray Guy and yet very Striking. My aging boy will be 7 this Dec. Ah, how time flies by….

The Weimaraner and your yard

It is spring….

I  was stopped in the garden center today, by a very nice gal her comment to me was “Beautiful plants and flower. Wish I could have my yard back but we now have a Dog so no more yard for me.  I love gardening.”

Well you know what I told her?  I have 3 dogs and love to garden.

She added “oh I’m sure they are small dogs”.  Again I had to correct her and let her know that only one would be consider small. 

Before I left the garden center she was getting some plants and going to start off small in her yard. YES!!!! God put me there at the right time.

I hope there are less of us dog owners that give up what we love because we have dogs.

Breeder’s Note: Arleen is gifted both as a gardener and in handling her dogs. She is involved in events in and around Vancouver, Washington. We feel it is important to note that the Weimaraner cannot just be turned into the yard. Initially, you must put the work into supervision and training. Freedom is earned. Turning a Weimaraner puppy into the yard without supervision is usually a disaster. Bad habits (digging, barking, chewing the siding, destroying your plants) once started is hard to stop. As with everything concerning the Weimaraner, supervision and training is required. Nonetheless, some people are able to raise a well-balanced Weimaraner that has access to their yard. Other people do not understand the Weimaraner or the process, and end up having issues.

Miss Ellie our Weimaraner Adapted

I realized the other day it had been quite a while since we last spoke. A lot has changed for us in the last few years!

For one, we had our first human baby 🙂 A little boy named Judah and then another last October named Zachary. It was quite the shock to Miss Ellie she was quite accustomed to her life as our wiem-child. When we brought Judah home she refused to even come near me or the baby for weeks. She eventually warmed back up to me and very slowly to the baby.

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They are best of friends these days 🙂 Ellie is 6 now and still as spoiled as ever. We finally got a handle on her food allergies, thank goodness. We found a food she can eat with no problems. Its chicken and peas only, it has been a gift really. She is no longer a red itchy mess all the time now. Which makes me so happy. She occasionally will have a break out after a late night garbage run, but, she just can’t help herself I guess 🙂  I hope these last few years have been fun and eventful for you and I hope you enjoy the pics I attached.

Our Weimaraner (Zeek) is wonderful!

Dear Cliff and Shela,

Zeek is one of the most wonderful dogs we have ever owned. 

You might remember I visited you, because wanted to be sure we were getting a great family dog. Of course it was my dog trainer who sent me your direction, after having worked with a few of your Weims.

You might also remember this was a birthday gift from my husband.  I often retell the story of you meeting us at D&B supply to help make this a total surprise for Ron.  I also tell about how wonderful your kennel is, and how wonderful you treat your dogs and your customers.

Zeek is 6 years old!

I looked up the birth information on Zeek today (still even have his temperament test results!)  He was a puppy of Megan and Dusty in 2006.  Born 1-9-06  I can’t believe he is 6 years old!  My how time flies.

We have a lot of super cute stories we could tell you about Zeek.  He is just such a wonderful dog and we get compliments on him all the time.  I heard the stories of how Weims are notorious for running away from home and loving to roam.  I have to tell you we got very lucky with Zeek.  He keeps us and the kids company outside.  He never strays to far from us.  He is very attached to his human family.  And of course we love him! 

I want to share a sweet story about our Zeek. This story is dear to my heart and took place recently. We are watching a hound for a friend of ours, Sadie, is her name.  She is probably about Zeek’s age but untrained and acts like a puppy!  She loves to play fight and play tug of war.  She and Zeek play tug of war with their toys all the time.  The other day I was on the floor playing with Sadie in her normal puppy fashion and Zeek came and laid his head in my lap while she and I wear playing.  So one hand was wrestling with Sadie and my other hand was petting my sweet Zeeka (our kids have named him that).  He is just so mild mannered and calm.

Also we can always count on him to keep our spots warm!  If we vacate a spot for more than a minute he lays claim to it, but when we return he compliantly gives it back to us.  The temperament test you and Cliff did with Zeke noted that he “likes to be in control!”  I have to tell you that is very very true!  But he also knows that I run the house and he obeys my every command.  So the comment you wrote about him being “very-very intelligent”  is also true!  He is the nicest sweetest dog ever.

Thank you again! Whenever someone notices or comments on Zeek (and this happens often) I make a point to brag about OwyheeStar Weimaraners.

OwyheeStar Quick Updates

From Arlene

Arliss praying to the Snowman snow glow for snow to run and play in.

Also wanted to let you know my nephew Kort will be in contact with you about getting a pup.  He will get you out the application as soon as he think he is ready.  This is his 1st pup on his own.  He has a lot of childhood memories with my 1st weim.

From Christine

Click on the link to see a very cute Christmas presentation …..

 Featuring Milo

Milo lives in Texas and sometimes his daddy deploys. During those times he has a very important job on the home front. We pray for Joe’s safe return and that Christine and Milo do well while they wait for Joe’s return! Christine’s mother has our infamous Wolfie. Weims run in the family!

Patricia Sent us news on Annie

Annie is doing well, she never goes to the bathroom in the house.  She chews on everything we really have to watch her the little poop! She is very sweet most of the time.  She is growing so fast she weighs 38 lbs.  We opted for a small tree this year.  I am sure you know why! 🙂 I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures of her with Christmas horns, very cute.  I bought her a Santa sweater but she has already out grown it.  Wishing you and Cliff a very Merry Christmas!

Arliss celebrates five years

This is me after a long day of playing on my Mom’s Birthday Day on Nov 25th the same day Midge had her puppies.  

Earlier this year I wait my turn...

Congratulation’s to you and Midge!

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I’m sure you and Cliff looked just like me after the delivery. My Birthday is this week Dec 1st I’ll be five years old. Can you believe I will be that old? I cannot! I was warned not reveal that Mom’s age. As I understand things–the mystery number that designates her age, is several times my age. Oops I hope that is not too much information. 


Happy Holidays — Love you~Arliss

and my fur sisters send you a fluffy kiss! 


Arliss running the Lure Course!

All Photographs are courtesy of Good Dog Photo  and used with permission.

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Images © 2011 Kirsten Muskat. all rights reserved.

Alert Attentive Arliss waits for permission to give chase!

I think these are great Action shots…


After being gone on my vacation I thought Arliss deserved a special activity. This was his treat when Mom got home.


As you might remember, Arliss has varied eye color. On the one shot you get a good Look at his two tone eye.


If you have never heard of lure coursing here are some links:

People were so amazed that he would responed to me when calling him off the lure. ~ Arleen

Breeder’s Note: Arleen by no means is an average dog lover. Arliss is one of three fur family members. If you visited her home you would know it is filled with a myriad of treasures and decorative touches. It is a bit like walking into a store filled with bits of interest everywhere. We are sure each tells its own story. Despite the fact that she has stuff, her critters respect her home and her things. She has a knack at respecting them and getting respect from them.

Special Note on the Photos: Click Here to learn more about our photographer who has a passion for people and their pets! Kirsten Muskat is based out of Camas, WA. We highly recommend her for pet photography. Her work speaks for itself!


Arleen Shares

Can Arliss get any closer?


Note: In the photo above the unusual round toy is a steering wheel cover that a friend of mine bought for her car and it was too small.  Any way it’s been a fun toy for the past 3 years.  They tug or just love to carry it around, and sometimes they step in it and it’s fun to watch then get out of their predicament.

Hope all is well you and the gang.  We are doing great.  I’m getting excited about my trip to Europe, I hoping the Queen gets over my decline about not wanting to be a bride’s maid for her Grandson’s Wedding.  I just can’t believe how upset she is. (LOL)

The Dogs do not like that I have the Suitcase out.  When I’m putting things in it they do not leave my side, now if I start putting some of their things together then they know it’s a trip for all of us and they relax about the whole thing.  It’s amazing on what they understand or is it what we think they understand.