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~Thriving in Washington State

She’s loving her new home!

We are ready for the task of making both girls feel loved and special.  I believe we can get Gracie (our lovely and adorable older Weimaraner) to turn around, I’ve seen it with her and other dogs.  Vigilance is the key.  

   Then This Happened

Breeder Comment

We are happy to see Campbell is doing excellent, and that Gracie is adapting to the upstart’s arrival. You have the perfect approach. Thanks for letting us know how things are going–also, for the video and photos.

Baby ‘T’

~Made it Safely to California

(Saturday October 26, 2019) What a day…and we’re not done yet!  Baby “T” (name still under discussion) was great meeting friends and relatives today in Roseville and he was perfect on the drive home.  This was taken after a wave of relatives had left just before we left Roseville.

He comes with the ability to run after small children (very happily). I’ve had a half dozen alerts that the power would go out at 4 p.m. It’s now 5:30 and the car is unpacked and I still have power but wanted to get this to you today as we could be without power until Wednesday.  Not a big deal really…glad its a weekend. 

Love to you both, Barb

Breeder Comment

It always makes us happy to know a puppy has made it safely and is making an excellent adjustment. All the socialization and work should set you up for success, but it is an ongoing process. Thanks for the news. We sincerely hope you are safe. Let us know how things go.