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Tallyn’s Adjustment

August 23, 2016

Did a “double take” when I walked into the living room!!!!  Tobryn has been amazing!  Shows his teeth multiple times during the day, but has never actually BIT Tallyn. I suspect that he is setting boundaries. We all are slowly evolving into the new norm.  But after talking to others at the dog park, I know I am way ahead of the curve. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your advice about making sure that everyone knows their “pecking order.”  When we go out, Tobryn gets into the front door of the car and Tallyn goes to the rear door. 

August 31, 2016

First puppy class starts tomorrow (Thursday) at 630p.  Tallyn has an IQ that probably rivals mine.  Tobryn and Tallyn now sleep in the same bed……….sometimes cheek to cheek.  The initial acceptance phase has progressed.  As we continue this journey, I’m forever grateful for you, Cliff, as well as the Mother and Father of Tallyn.

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear the transition is going well. It was the plan from the beginning to make it a duo (two males). Finding a second pup that fit well into the family was important. Nevertheless, it requires a bit of knack to incorporate a new pup with the resident Weimaraner. Many of our clients have two Weimaraners. It is doable, but having two alpha-acting types is never a good thing. Thank you, Ron, for keeping us in the loop.

On the Alsea River


millers-leo_4153Can you believe it? Leo is already 12 weeks old! We took him camping

this weekend on the Alsea River and he loved it! Of course, he got to

sleep in the tent with us and spent both nights trying to get inside

Bryce’s sleeping bag! It was pretty funny.

Training is still going well and he has grown a lot! Just wanted to

give you a little glimpse at him at 3 months old!:)

Tobryn and Tallyn

We Are Seeing Growth on Every Level!

August 13th — 

Seeing Tallyn when we go to bed and every morning (at 5a or earlier….ugh), I swear he has grown overnite.  He’s basically “potty trained”.  Has already learned to squeeze open the patio door to go outside to do his business.  Is loving the garden and it is amazing to watch his brain take everything in.  We still have eagles that fly around here looking for rabbits so am vigilante when he is outside.  I figure a couple more weeks and he will be big enough so an eagle won’t try and take him.  Well all for now.  Cooler here but still in the lower 80’s but the humidity has been so high that it makes it hard to stay outside for longer periods of time.  But this, too, shall pass.

August 15th  

  20160814_152459Since I’ve had Tobryn, he has slept under the covers with me and somewhere we are always touching.  Since Tallyn arrived, Tobryn has been on strike and slept in his recliner at least half the night.  Last night, Sunday, Tobryn jumped into bed and nuzzled himself under the covers and Tallyn somewhere on top of the covers in the bed and everyone slept the entire night, well.  No growling, no jumping out of bed.  Just beautiful sleep.  I know they will have their “tiffs”, but they are in full bonding mode now.  How happy that makes us all.  Thanks Shela and Cliff.

Breeder Comment

Last week Ron updated us on his new adventure–adding the second Weimaraner to the household. You might have read that blog–Two T’s

Two T’s

Tobryn and Tallyn

Nelson's Tobryn and Tally_113207

I hope you enjoy this picture a of Tallyn at 8 weeks.  Tobryn and Tallyn are working things out.  When Tobryn doesn’t think I am looking, they play and dig and frolic.  When Tobryn sees that I am watching, he gives Tallyn the cold shoulder…………LOL

Am canning tomatoes, beets, beans, cucs, and so on…….wondering who all is going to eat what I have canned.  LOL

Breeder Comment

The Weims may help with some of what you can–or that which doesn’t make the jar is more likely. We are happy to see that Tobryn is accepting his new Blue brother (Tallyn). You are doing well with them Ron. Thanks for the share.