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Perfect Match

montiels-meeko1I just wanted to share with you a few pictures of our pup. Thanks to you we were able to add an adorable addition to our family and he couldn’t fit in any better. Definitely a mamas boy that’s for sure but I don’t mind that one bit.

He is Growing

At the 9-week check-up said he was a whole 13lbs on the 23rd of January.
montiels-meeko2Meeko and his big sister Mya, they couldn’t get along any better. Seriously a perfect match.
Thank you again for everything. ~Eryca and Jacob

Breeder Comment

best-bernie-nov-2016a-21Eryca contacted us from Japan saying they would be coming to Idaho. When they got here, they hoped to add a new family member. While abroad Mya had joined their family and they hoped to add a little brother (playmate) as soon as they were settled in December.
As it happened, we were able to help them get Meeko. We are thrilled to hear the match was a good one–due to our Discovery and Placement test result.

The Longhair Factor

We wanted to mention that Meeko’s mother is Bernie (the Longhair pictured here). His father (Blue) is a tradition smooth coat. He doesn’t carry the DNA marker for the fluffy coat–longhair; therefore, all the pups in this litter were smooth coats. Bernie produced a beautiful litter which came as a big surprise. We had tried previous matings to no avail. Thank you, Bernie, for making folks happy.


And It Beginsminors-timber-_20170115_121244561_hdr

Thank you, Shela for the additional information. Your emails have been truly invaluable to us as we are raising a pup for the first time. Timber is settling in very well. She is sleeping in her crate at night and naps there during the day as well. We are all learning the importance of praising Timber’s good behaviors, and are already seeing that payoff, as Timber is already learning what is and isn’t okay to chew on, and that going potty outside results in lots of love 🙂