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It Was Only A Matter of Time


       ~ AKA Smokester, etc.

15123339_10207598657387828_7816734183850106147_oUpdate on The Smokester– he is potty trained!! (Well, at least almost.) He knows how to use the dog door to go out to our small dog run to potty! So proud of him!

And he is very brave in his kennel and only whines for a little bit when we put him in there for nap times.

Bird Dog




Seems he is a bird dog, but I think we need to do more training.

Breeder Comment

Manners count as much or more than retrieving the bird. This time, it is smart that he didn’t get the parakeet. Buck and his Mama have been working hard on everything that counts –the basics. Read on and learn more about Buck’s success.

Canine Good Citizen

14908308_10211457899271088_6658599247991112911_nBuck has passed his canine good citizen class and I plan on putting him thru 2 more that will work him with getting on and off of public transportation and in and around nursing homes. I also am looking into working with him to help my mom with her diabetes, they are together all day and she has had a few issues with her blood sugar.

There are times that he drives me absolutely crazy, well I should say most of the time. He is nothing like my last one. Just when I think he hasn’t learned anything he surprises me.  I wouldn’t have it any other way tho.

    I can’t believe he is almost a year old, where has the time gone?  He goes to trap shoots with me and is always a conversation starter, as no one has ever seen a long hair weim, let alone a blue one.

I will try better to keep you updated on his progress. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have one of your dogs. I know where I will be going when the time comes for another one.

        ~Beth and Buck

Working The System

Olli Paws Up


Personality Plus

I just read your Thanksgiving message and thought I would send a quick note and some pics as your message really resonated with me!!!  Olli has such a fun personality and is just the sweetest guy.  That is not to say that he isn’t naughty and mischievous….because he is….but he has such a great demeanor that everyone just loves him.  Case in point….first put your paws up for some massaging and petting opportunities….


You Need a Hug

And then why not just go in for some snuggling time???  He knows that he is not allowed on the sofa or furniture so he very wisely keeps his hind legs on the ground.  We have all sorts of colorful names for him🙂

We took him to the vet yesterday as he needed some shots and he weighs a solid 68 lbs.  He is all muscle and all young boy.  Completely healthy and we are looking forward to many fulfilling years ahead with him.

All the best to you, Cliff, and your family this holiday!


Breeder Comment

2-hattee-x-stackhouse-6wk-bd-7There is a growing contingency in America–those who adore the Longhair. At first, we were skeptical as well. We love all things Weimaraner.

hattee-sept-20-2016As a breeder, adding the Longhairs increases our DNA pool significantly. That is a good thing. Both of the parents must carry the Longhair Marker (or you could say more accurately are affected) to get any Longhair pups in a litter.

This pup is from a mating with Hattee (picture to the right) and Stackhouse. She is a smooth coat carrier, and he is the extraordinary Longhair Stud. The fluffy coat is not as you might expect–it is hard to explain. Those who experience for the first time are often amazed.

A lot of dog breeders will specialize in two breeds. We are all about the Weimaraner; however, we have a couple of opportunities every year to get a Longhair.


Another Blue Longhair

hank_0538Here is an updated pic of Hank. He is such a sweet puppy and a good running partner. He still does not like his cage.  He’s a good boy about asking to go outside, recalling, and not running off.

OwyheeStar Week Forty-Seven 2016

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

hattees-two-girls-10Thanksgiving is around the corner. Christmas decor is for sale nearly every place you shop. Winter weather has knocked on the door promising to come sooner than many of us desire. Farmers are busy getting the fall field work completed. We are sure most of them are looking forward to a winter break. 

Hattee’s predominantly Longhair Litter has been the focus. There were nine pups; seven were Longhair. A lot goes on behind the scene with the pups we raise. Christina has been extremely busy–she not only socializes them but keeps a sharp eye on them for any little issue that might arise. We are truly blessed to have her helping us.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today! Cliff spoke with Joyce at AKC Reunite yesterday; she had seen Wednesday’s blog and had him on her list to call. These folks are extremely helpful and on top of things. If your puppy has the AKC Reunite Microchip (which all we use at OwyheeStar) you can phone AKC Reunite and they will help you, problem solve. Did I say that they are very helpful?

Sunday— November 13 — A Certificate Earned

Monday — November 14 — All Muscle

Tuesday — November 15 — Self Talk

Wednesday — November 16 — AKC Reunite

Thursday  — November 17 — Bath Time Woes

Friday  — November 18 — Left Behind

On a very personal note

Cliff is always working on his outside projects. He got his water issues and electrical stuff working. Being the great guy he is he managed to get me a few solutions in my make-shift kitchen. I truly appreciate it too!

no-drawers_3742The lower cabinets are not completed, nor the countertops, backsplash, etc. We have been creative to get by. We had an extra good sized storage cabinet (no photo here) that is nearly floor to ceiling tall. It had two drawers–hurrah! I do love drawers and pullouts, who doesn’t? Now I have two drawers for the silverware and serving utensils. We were far more creative with finding other drawers. Cliff has plans for this when I no longer need it.

no-door_3744Our son built the cabinet boxes. They need fronts, doors, shelving, or in some cases drawers. We have installed some shelves and made better use of the space. We are slowly getting this kind of thing done. It was never our plan to be fancy. We wanted the practical, conservative and functional remodeled farm house. I appreciate these small changes more than you can imagine. It makes my life easier.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are immensely grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. We can fill in a bit when necessary; however, we like to keep the integrity of your writing real. A couple of sentences can go a long way–sometimes it is enough. Those that have sent us updates know we are more than likely to post it word-for-word. 

There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is greatly appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing!

Bath Time Woes

Tell Me, Againbath-time-woes-2

          Why We Are Doing This?

bath-time-woesHe was pretty good but there is a limit. Shampoo, Ears, and Nails. Are we done yet? That is what this look shouts to those that have bathed a puppy. 

For once, I didn’t take a bath too. Typically, I am soaked and wetter than the puppy even though I try to avoid that scenario.

The shampoo is a mild puppy shampoo. It was followed by a rinse and towel dry. Then there is the good smelling conditioner that is antibacterial. Of course, none of this lasts all that long. How often should you bathe a puppy? That is an excellent question. Our reply is to say that you should bathe your puppy no oftener than necessary. A good brushing with the Furminator once a month can go a long way towards eliminating hair–even the eyelash length coats shed.

Ears on the flop-eared Weimaraner can be an issue. Some need frequent cleaning and preemptive treatment. After a bath, we use a powder to ensure the ear canals are dry. Moisture and warmth make a fertile environment for bacteria, viruses, and yeast infections.

All Muscle

Pretty and High Energy

img_1393We walked to the vet today to get on the scale, and Piper is 44.8 lbs! All muscle😉 This pretty girl has a lot of energy and is always on the go. It was a beautiful and sunny day today in Washington, so I thought it would be a good time to get some pictures of her for you. I included a full body picture for those that are curious about what the un-docked tail looks like. Piper is very playful and loves other dogs. Puppy training has really paid off; she loves to get treats (pics). It will be a while still before she is fully grown and ready to run with me long distance, but we have been working on getting ready for it. 

Piper is still a handful as expected! That puppy brain of hers can only focus for so long before she gets bored or a leaf flies by, and she tries to attack it. Some of her favorite things are sticks, birds, earthworms, slugs (yup, I have dug a few out of her mouth), rocks (mom takes those away from her before she swallows them), and digging holes. Luckily mom is always watching! We are having a blast exploring trails with all of those nature smells and playing with other dogs at the dog park. Her coat is velvet soft, and she loves to cuddle too. I get a lot of compliments on Piper when we are out and about; she is a beauty. She’s a good girl too :0) I hope all is well there!

Breeder Comment

Getting the undocked tail requires planning. We must know in advance of the litter’s arrival because tail docking happens at a very young age. The reason for the early procedure is it is a minor procedure and easier on the pup. The deposit is larger for the obvious reasons. The American Breed Standard for the Weimaraner is the docked tail; however, there is one exception–the Longhair.

A Certificate Earned

Congratulations Buck

           ~ and Beth14908308_10211457899271088_6658599247991112911_n

Breeder Comment

It is always great to see people training and succeeding with the OwyheeStar Weimaraner. We know you have big plans for the future. Keep up your extraordinary effort.


We Love This Sweet Boy

img_0538Here is an updated pic of Hank. He is such a sweet puppy and a good running partner. He still does not like his cage.  He’s a good boy about asking to go outside, recalling, and not running off.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate the photo as well as the news that Hank is doing so well for you. Thanks ever so much!

My Ears Are On Fire

Lulu is a fan!

14856182_10209087493119172_2591607926158250536_oShe loves the Cubbies and the Cowboys🙂.

What do You Mean? Another Fluffy!?!

                         ~Rumor has it…or Mama Heidi reports!

6-hattee-x-stackhouse-week-four-70Her problem is she has heard that a new puppy is coming in a few weeks so she is ticked off about everything right now, very hormonal.

Breeder Comment

The best approach is to keep Lulu as the center of the universe status. The new baby is adorable but doesn’t displace her at all. They will be friends — eventually.