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Ciampi's Piper_1008Hello Cliff and Shela,

I have been reading about the pups settling into their new homes and it is wonderful to hear that so many people love their Weims as much as I do. Piper is doing great here and is a very happy girl. She is in training classes which has made a world of difference in her behavior and my ability to communicate with her. I highly recommend it to anyone getting a pup. Puppies are a lot of work and Weim puppies are even more work than other breeds (most hunting dogs are).

While I love to hear how happy people are with their pups, I want to emphasize that the Weimaraner is not easy. I know that you warn potential Weim owners on your page that the Weim is not for everyone which is great- people need to know the reality of having a Weim. They are extremely smart, high energy, and require a LOT of patience. I was expecting this, but for anyone that has not experienced having a Weim SMART means difficult. The Weim will test you at every opportunity that they get, they lose interest very quickly, they are distracted easily (dog, person, leaf, fly, STICK! etc.), they find new fun ways to get around whatever is in their way of getting what they want or getting out of what they don’t want to do. 

Weims absolutely definitely are prone to separation anxiety which seems like, “Awe, my dog loves me so much that she wants to be by my side all the time.” Nope. This means that if you ever want a moment to yourself or you don’t want your house to be destroyed while you are gone, then you better crate train. Even if you crate train they will still throw a fit when you leave, but stay strong it does get easier, so stick with it. Remember how smart I said the Weim is? Yeah, they will find crafty ways to get out of going in their crate too (sad face, hiding, you can’t catch me, I don’t care that there are treats in there etc.) and it is a different game every day.

Have I mentioned the high level of energy? Not just hyper energy, but stamina. This is a trait that I love about the Weim because it makes them excellent running partners. The Weim is go, go go, and when you think to yourself, “she must be tired, I really wore her out today” you would be wrong. After a 20 minute power nap, the Weim is ready to go again. You must be an active person to handle a Weim! Everything is a game to them and their favorite things are playing (especially with other dogs), running, exploring, chasing cats, digging, sticks, and their human. The best part is that even with all of this energy, they love to cuddle when it is time to relax.

Thank you Cliff and Shela for setting Piper up for success by initiating her crate training from the beginning. I love her so very much! We have a great time together and there is no other breed that I would prefer even when she’s difficult. She is perfect :0)

Breeder Comment

Yes, Piper’s tail is undocked. This failure to crop the tail short was a deliberate choice by Piper’s mother. If you have never seen the undocked tail–here you go.


Best Dog Ever!

Hello Weimar Family!

Sorry, I haven’t had time to update you on Gunner. He is doing amazing! Best dog we have ever had! We have a great daily routine and he is loved tremendously. He sleeps through the night in his crate from about 10 till 6am then goes out to potty.he has only had 1 accident in the house and zero in his crate. He loves his life for sure!  On command he sits, shakes and lays down. He loves to retrieve his birds and can’t wait to hunt him! Here are a few pics!

We are beyond happy! We are so thankful we found you! He is out swimming in his pool now. I could send you thousands more pics everyday I take so many! 

The Schmidt Family (July 28, 2016)

The Carrot

Goldee Likes them Garden FreshGoldee carrot

A good leader knows how to use a carrot to get the desired result. They are healthy treats too! The carrot (as an imaginary enticement or a snack) is a way of encouraging a positive attitude. You want to foster the idea of the Weimaraner wanting to please you. Oppositional behavior never leads to anything positive.

Fun is another component that works toward building success. Being upbeat and making your training fun is going to yield benefits of the right kind. Maverick and Goldee are two Longhairs who live and play in the Western Oregon area. Thanks to Terri Jacobsen (grandma extraordinaire) who is a well-known pet photographer. She captures moments like this for all to enjoy.

Blue Fluffy Female-10Holly is rather addicted to the Weimaraner and quite possibly more addicted to the Longhair than she ever thought possible. Eventually, she will get another fluffy angel to teach to snuggle. Goldee has a mind of her own I guess. All she needs is her very own halo don’t you agree?


Young's Cador at home(7/16/2016) Home safe and sound. He slept the whole way and is exploring the yard now. Thank you so much! I attached a picture with Luke, Cador, and Lilly.

Breeder Comment

This lovely family adopted Luke a return/rescue that could not be kept by a senior family. Isn’t it grand that he has a Blue Longhair brother? He might not love it at the moment; however, soon they will be co-conspirators and inseparable.

Things are Going Well

(7/19/2016) So far housebreaking and crate training have been pretty easy. Luke is scared of Cador, though. It’s pretty funny.


Is Doing Great!

Schell's Duke at Home-3We are doing great, getting acquainted with our Duke and he is getting used to his new home and us.

He was very good for the ride home; I sat with him in the back and he slept the whole way home.

Schell's Duke at Home-2We brought him home and went to our yard first for him to potty and he did. We haven’t had an accident in the house (yay!).  He lets us know by sitting at the door when he’s ready to go out. He likes his crate and we have slowly been getting him used to that being his special spot. He whined for about 15 minutes the first night and then slept for about an hour. We took him out and put him in for a couple more hours (About 15 minutes of whimpering and howling. Then the next time we took him out to potty, we slept with him on the couch. We are trying to prolong his time in the crate each day as he gets more comfortable to his environment. 

Schell's Duke at HomeHe slept for a couple hours earlier today in his crate, shut during the afternoon while we were close by and he did a little whimper and then didn’t fuss. It was very good. We are going to see how tonight goes for a longer period in the crate.

We are learning he likes to chew and get his energy out, so those pig ears and small toy with his family’s scent on it have been big hits for him, as well as a big stuffed dinosaur which is comical to watch and these tall grass reeds in our yard.

We still have to work on his retrieve.

He is a big lovebug and definitely likes to be close to us.:)

Thanks for all your help and tips. I will keep you posted and feel free to check in as well.

Oh Yeah!


Haffey's Mav Swim One(July 9th) My little water dogs made their way out to the pool for a little Saturday afternoon swim sesh. To say they LOVE the pool would be an understatement, but I’m still not sure who loves it more; me being able to splash and swim along side them or them as they race to get to their favorite water you.Haffey's Mav Swim Two

(July 15) Summer Friday’s have officially turned into Swimming Friday’s for the fluffies!! Apparently, the pool gives my Weims snoozy eyes.

We were at a different pool today, G (Goldee)  didn’t like it as much. I am positive I swam way more than her! Mav (Maverick) liked it, but the entry ramp is at about 1/4 way into the pool, so he didn’t get as much swimming in either. We will be heading back to the big pool for open swim on Sunday.

Breeder Comment

There is nothing better for the Weimaraner than the right kind of exercise. They are difficult to wear out as we all know, and swimming can exhaust them without the typical wear and tear on the joints. For the long distance runner, this activity can set up their companion without undue stress–never truer than before the growth plates close.

Ears are another breed issue. Damp ears can promote ear bacterial growth. A good ear powder after the swim can help thwart the little buggers from taking off like wildfire.


The Amazing Snuggle MonsterSchachter's Benson a Young Longhair

He’s been amazing thus far – has slept through the night since day 1, in his crate.

Since the day we brought Benson home he has been a total snuggle monster. His favorite place is to be right between my wife and me on the couch. Most of the time he is laying on his back with both of us petting him, or he’s sitting upright like a person watching TV with us. When I’m working at home, he likes to sit next to me with his head on my lap, or when we’re eating dinner he sits right under the table between both of our feet. Even at 10 weeks, he is very, very loyal and loving to both of us and we love him even more than we thought possible!!

Breeder Comment

Benson is off to a great start. He is this couple’s first Longhair Weimaraner, but not their first Weim. They are doing fabulous together. Benson had to slide into some big paw prints left by the former Weimaraner.

When a loss occurs, who can find the words? There are none that adequately describe the hole-in-the-heart experience of losing the Weimaraner. Some folks try to get another Weimaraner that is as similar as possible. A few opt to make a change in coat color, coat length or choose the opposite sex. No one can speak to what is right for another person. Nonetheless, having experienced this type of loss, we can agree it is heartrending. Thank you, Benson, for being awesome.



In Colorado

Shiny’s first dog show, first rally course & first leg!!!


The Roaring Fork Kennel Club (AKC) sponsored event will see the lovely Shiny for a second time. Yesterday, he completed his leg toward getting his Rally Title. What an awesome achievement! Today, they are back to see what else they can accomplish.

Let’s cheer them on!

Congratulations Julia and Shiny!

Yes–Shiny is a Blue Longhair Weimaraner!

Toes and Nose

Happy Independence Weekend

Haffey's Maverick


Be Like Maverick

Navigate the day with grace, skill, and style. Keep your nose in the game and stay on the tips of your toes. Have a beautiful Sunday!

Weim Games

You can’t see me!13475122_1084056771642583_3865260076246861217_o

The smiling Goldee has her own agenda. She does love the camera lens–a plus for Grandma Terri Jacobson and her photography. But her own thoughts, ways, and mannerisms are unique.

Goldee attends the playdates and does her thing–exploring the property and all it holds. While the other attending Weims romp and interact she is happily entertaining herself. Her grandma (the Northwest Pet Photographer of choice) captures the essence of the moment. We are all blessed again and again. Thank you, Miss Goldee for loving the camera. We are all blessed!












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