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Thirteen Candles 10314505_1135387309816521_8945009996421771694_n

Yesterday was important for many reasons. To one family, it was more important to celebrate Agent (their OwyheeStar Gray Ghost Boy’s) birthday. It was his thirteenth one, and this much-loved boy is looking good for his age. They call him a sweet boy.

Two Weim Home

10570339_1135387316483187_678967251931604682_nHe was not alone in the celebration. Lily (an OwyheeStar Blue) girl has been around for awhile too. She is not to be left out.


Gracie’s Story

Gracie’s story

~ translated by her Da.12828384_918045991598340_4883361126436857178_o

“Hi! I’m Gracie. I am two years old now, and I don’t hunt…birds. Baseballs, tennis balls, sticks and other dogs’ toys are fair game, however. The teenager next-door keeps me well supplied with baseballs. I can find them under the snow, but my nose does get cold.

I love to run in the pasture near my home. My Da takes me every afternoon before dinner. I can out run most of my friends, Django (Doberman), Pismo (Old English Sheep Dog), Moose (Chocolate Lab) as well as any other dog that shows up. The only dog that gives me a real run is that nut case Boomer (German Short Hair/all brown). He thinks it is fun to take my ball or stick run away with it while I chase barking and screaming at him. He is very fast, but I get my things back in the end.

My Ma takes me for a long walk every morning. I like this except that I have to be on leash. It is fun meeting people and getting pets and the occasional treat. After the walk, it is naptime by the patio door where the sun hits my bed.

I look forward to the days when Lisa comes over for dinner. She considers me to be her sister. I wait by the door. I jump on her when she arrives. I can’t decide what to do – wiggle, jump, lick her hands or lean! I do it all at once. My Ma doesn’t approve of jumping, but I am only two you know.

I have won the right to sleep on the bed at night. I wore them down. My parents have a sleep number bed. I am a “35,” whatever that means. My sister says it means I am a princess. Catch you later!”

Breeder’s Comment

Gracie’s family seem to celebrate her every day. What a life she has within this family. She has a job too! Like every Weim, she must walk, entertain, and manipulate her humans. She does all this in style. Much of it captured by her sister and posted on Facebook.



Tearing Paper

   ~A Favorite Thing To Do!

12803206_517750118409917_1400149283128441638_nMaize love playing with her new birthday toys: however, opening the package was the best gift every. There was no snatching of paper from the trash. There was not scolding–which we all know if fake anyhow. Placed on the floor for Maize was the best gift ever!

Look What I Got!

12122709_517566385094957_1158846780222725909_nMama says I won’t be losing this ball under the sofa.

Breeder’s Comment — Happy Birthday! May you continue to do well, and live long. These photos are the personal property of the owner and used by OwyheeStar with permission. Please do not borrow our photos!