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~ At Birch Bay

I just had to share these new pictures of Zeus with you! They were taken at Birch Bay which is about a 2 minute walk from our house! I feel so blessed to live here. It was about 80 degrees one night and Mike and I thought Zeus would like to go for a swim! Usually I take him to the beach when the tide is out so that he can run on the sand for a few miles . The bay is really shallow so when the tide goes out, it goes way out! There is lots of room for him to run. That night the tide was coming in so the water was deeper. You can see how much fun he had splashing through the water and chasing his toy!

He is a good swimmer because I take him to the doggy pool nearby to swim occasionally. We went a little further out in the bay and he was able to swim. The water is super warm and he seems to like that…. I do too! 😉 I can’t tell you how much I love him and what a big part of my life he is! He has also learned how to give “kisses”. He crinkles up his lips and lets me kiss him. I know some people think it is gross but my Zeus doesn’t have germs ….right?? Haha

Jeanne & Zeus

Breeder Comment

Thank you for sharing with us. I love that Zeus swims and loves the water. What a fabulous place to live and share a life with Zeus.

Zeus and More

7 Candles

     ~First Puppachinno

zeus pup 1
Here is Zeus enjoying his first Puppacinno at Starbucks on his 7th birthday on October 17th!

Weimaraner Art

weimaraner sign
I’ve been working hard on my Weimaraner art that I thought you may like to see. Of course, I use my favorite Weimaraner, Zeus, as a model! 🙂
ornaments zeus
I create custom Christmas ornaments from any picture of a pet. It helps if they are clear, close up pictures.  The ornaments are transferred onto painted wood, distress and waxed. They also have a rustic looking wire hook for hanging. The ornaments are around 4″ x 4″ depending on the picture. I also make custom wall art that is a little bigger than the ornaments. I am attaching a picture of the ornaments. I sell them for $15.00 each and all you have to do is email me a picture at: or text it to me at:  (360) 441-0112
I also make custom signs. I made the above Weimaraner sign (of course). They are done on painted wood, hand painted, distressed and waxed. I can add a rustic hanging wire on the top or on the back of the sign but they also stand on their own. The color of the background is also up to you! I’ve used Grey for obvious reasons. 😉  All lettering is hand painted. I also painted a Weimaraner head but that is optional. I’ve attached the picture of the sign I made. I sell them for $20 each. So, if anyone is interested, I would love to create something special for their home. 
Jeanne & Zeus

Breeder Comment

Hello Weimlovers! Oh, and a Belated Happy Birthday Zeus! We wanted to pass along this information to all of you Weimar–addicts. (OMG) Well, you know what I mean. That Weimaraner sign is a must-have for many I think. (Haha) Of course, I realize you could do other breeds–but here we are all about the Weimaraner. Imagine that!?!

Zeus & Kiah

The Blossoming Friendship

You may have seen this picture on Facebook, but I love it so much I just had to share it with you!zeus
That is Zeus’s kitty sister Kiah. They have grown up together. She is a couple months older than him. We brought her home from the shelter about a month before we picked up Zeus. I wanted to make sure she was secure and knew all the hiding places in the house before we surprised her with a baby brother!
They have enjoyed playing together but as a puppy we had to make sure he knew not to be too rough with her. She has never scratched him but nibbles at his ears once in a while when he gets a little rough. Luckily they have never hurt each other and have lived in harmony. 🙂
Lately, though their relationship seems to have blossomed! Sometimes when Zeus is sleeping, she will quietly walk up to him and lick his nose and forehead. I don’t know if this is a sign of affection or if he tastes good to her! Haha!
I just find it so sweet and feel lucky to have a dog & cat that get along so well! I love to watch them together!
I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I do! Have a wonderful evening and take care. I hope you are feeling well!
Jeanne & Zeus


Wearing a Tummy Saver Vest

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There are various bits of clothing a person might see a Weimaraner wearing; however, the tummy saver vest is more than a fashion statement. Many of these vests sport fluorescent orange or yellow to make them visible. For the hunting companion, this might be life saving. The gray Weimaraner might appear to be a small deer–someone might think they are larger by mistake. Distance can be hard to gauge.

Field Visibility

We would all hope that a hunter would notice the difference, but it begs the question, “Why take a chance?” Nevertheless, if you are beating the brush so to speak, the Weim’s visibility is important. The tummy protection also keeps them from getting scratched or cut. Anytime visibility is important you should consider using the fluorescent vest or collar. Late evening runners might take this suggestion a step further. There lights to add to the collar as well as reflective tape. Being safe is more important than making a fashion statement. In certain circles, this getup is a fashion statement of the best kind.

Zeus is Versatile

I think he is cute!

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I know you have probably already seen these pictures of Zeus on facebook but I thought his big smile might bring a big smile to your face too! 😀 He is coming up on his 3rd birthday this Friday! Boy how time flies! It just seems like yesterday that I got the email telling me that he had been born. I remember exactly how excited I was! I couldn’t wait to run in the other room to tell Mike!

These pictures were taken by Mike a couple days ago when he took Zeus out to the fields to hunt Pheasants. They didn’t see any but of course Zeus had a great time and met some other dogs. I was looking online tonight for an orange hunting vest for Zeus. I feel he will be safer wearing it and of course he will look very handsome in it! 😉  He loves wearing his clothes! Haha!

 Dead things, and live ones I don’t appreciate…

My friend Barb and I take her dog “Louie”and Zeus hiking around 6 miles a day still. That is 6 miles for us… I’m sure it’s quite a bit more for them! He loves finding dead things and rolling around in who knows what! Ugh! He’s washable though and he has fun. I have to be careful because he can get worms. I even found a tick on him the other day! It was so gross!

Zeus at the Nursing Home

Zeus Earned His  Canine Good Citizen

Zeus Earned His Canine Good Citizen

October 13, 2014 — Zeus was a very good boy at the nursing home today. It was his first visit there and he met lots of nice people! Some people enjoyed petting him and commented on how nice his fur felt and some people just enjoyed looking at him! A lot of people wanted to know what kind of dog he was because they had never seen or heard of a Weimaraner before. All in all he had a great time! Hopefully he will be a little calmer the next time we go… everything was all new to him and very exciting! I’d really like to take him to a children’s hospital someday. He just adores children and I know they would like him because he is so full of energy! He was so tired when he was done… it was quite an adventure for him!

Note: We will be posting an update in the next few days. He is a versatile guy–hunting, running, and visiting the nursing home. Go Zeus!

Zeus expands his repertoire

It’s been a while…..

1463420_10152078000161670_1525204229_nI just wanted to say hi. I haven’t talked to you in a while! I also wanted to send you a new picture of Zeus that my husband took out in the field when he was walking him. I just love it!

He really loves to run in the fields that my husband went hunting in this year. We really haven’t trained Zeus what to do when he is hunting but Mike wanted to see how he’d do. 


What’s This?

The first time out in the season  Zeus put up a pheasant and Mike got him first shot. Zeus went and got the pheasant and just stood there with it in his mouth until Mike came and took it from him….he said that Zeus didn’t really know what to do with it! LOL! He was very proud of him!


He is agile 

I just like taking Zeus for walks out in the fields to watch him jump over the grass…he looks so beautiful and graceful! I also take him for walks on trails in the woods and he is always jumping over fallen logs too. He loves to jump! 🙂 


This guy changed our lives

It’s been a little over 2 years now since we picked him up from Cliff and he has changed our lives.We just love him and enjoy all the time we spend with him. He is definitely part of our family and we love him to pieces!


180267_10151601788591670_2025780238_n[1]~Jeanne & Zeus 

Breeder’s Note: It is amazing that Zeus did so well on his first trip out (especially considering he had no true introduction/training). How gun fire is introduced is important. Nevertheless, Zeus seemed to be able to handle the experience. Cliff recommends careful introduction of gun fire, and you can ask for directions should you need them. If a dog (Weimaraner, or other) gets spooked by the gun fire, it can ruin them as a hunting companion. 

It is a good idea to introduce the young Weimaraner to birds, or at least bird scent. You can buy the scent in a bottle pretty-much anywhere that sells hunting supplies. Getting a wing or bird from someone who hunts can be useful. You can seal it in a bag and freeze it for future use. Adding a little bird scent can be a plus. This gets the Weim used to the smell, as well as accustomed to feathers. 

Featured Weimaraner — Zeus

Hi Shela and Cliff!Zeus Canine Good Citizen


I just wanted to let you know that Zeus passed his “Canine Good Citizen” test last night! It is a test that passes or fails them on 10 aspects of manners. If they fail one of the tests they do not pass. I am so proud of Zeus! We have been working hard with him and taking him to many obedience classes. We both really enjoy them and I think that they have helped socialize him and made him have the wonderful personality that he does!


Zeus does very well meeting other people and other dogs which is one of the things that he was tested on. He was also tested on some of the basic commands such as “Sit”, “Lay or Down”, “Come”, “Stay” & “Wait”, which he excels in! He also had to heel and do some turns and stop which he has practiced many times in his “Rally Obedience” classes. Zeus loves other people and has no problem with wheel chairs, walkers or canes. I have taken him on “field trips” (as I like to call them) to outdoor fairs and such to expose him to  a lot of different people and situations. I have never seen him not love another dog either. It’s such a joy to have a dog like him!


Zeus was tested on his reaction to loud noises.  He did just fine.  Separation anxiety was the one that I thought he would have the most trouble with…. there were a few peeps out of him but he did well enough to pass which is good! 🙂


We will get an official certificate in the mail  with the option to buy some “Good Citizen” buttons and other things! I can’t wait…of course I will order them! Haha! 😉


Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup! I can’t imagine my life without him. He has been a true blessing in my life!

Breeder’s Note –The Life-Changing Weimaraner!

Much of what the Weimaraner becomes rests in the hands of their family. 🙂 Some people do the minimum, and try to work it around so they can live amiably with this wonderful creature. Others, like Jeanne, go the extra mile. They see how far the journey will take them together. 🙂

A person grows in their ability to handle and train the Weimaraner. At the same time, they experience personal growth and maturity. No matter how old you are, or what your experience might be, when you come to the Weimaraner, they will exploit your weaknesses. They challenge you in ways you didn’t expect.

Jeanne and Zeus have accomplished a lot in their short time together. 🙂 We truly appreciate the efforts. For those reading these comments, Zeus was featured on the blog not long ago for his natural agility ability. Here is a link to the former blog if you want to check it out click here!


Featured Weimaraner — Zeus

zeusI just took this photo of Zeus last night! He likes to jump up on the bed when I am trying to make it all the time! This time I thought he looked especially cute and I took a photo of him with our new camera. It has a “dog” setting on it and I thought it turned out pretty good!

Have a great day!

Jeanne & Zeus 🙂

 PS: I love reading about the other Weimaraners that people have adopted from you! It’s really interesting to hear how the other ones behave… it gives me more insight into Zeus! 🙂

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Featured Weimaraner — Zeus

Zeus is doing great!

Hello I haven’t talked to you in a while and I wanted to keep in touch and let you know that Zeus is doing great! 🙂

Exciting News!

I wanted to share some exciting news, and this photo of him going over little jumps…he really seems to like it and even did it on his own when he was running around my friend’s back yard.

272The other dog in the photo is Zeus’s friend “Louie”. He is a Standard Poodle the same height and weight as Zeus. They are best buddies and they play just about everyday for an hour. It is great for him and really wears him out!

Zeus birthday 1

Zeus at his 1st Birthday!

Rally Obedience

I don’t know if I shared that I took Zeus to a Rally Obedience class. He was a little out of control at first but by the end of it he was doing very well He got a 92 on his final exam!! 🙂 It was a lot of fun and I met a very good trainer who helped me a lot. That is where I met Barb (Louie’s mom) and we found out we lived about 15 minutes away from each other! It’s great!