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Pilikia in the Snow

~ With Kula Bleu

They dogs are loving their Carhartt jackets and they are getting used to their boots, although Kula will still only let me put them in his back paws!

Pilikia Wears All Four

Mahalo, Brent

Breeder Comment

Brent–thanks for thinking of us; it means so much. We know everyone will love these photos of the two, and how Kula Bleu doesn’t wear all four boots.

Pilikia and Kula

~ Hot Tub Anyone?

Pilikia and Kula loving the hot tub.

Imagine if the cover was off

Breeder Comment

Well, it looks like the perfect perch, too!

Kula & Pilikia

Santa Cruz, CA

(Dec 26, 2015)–As you can see the booties worked out to be pretty funny. I took them for a walk and not even halfway around the block they were walking normally. We are heading up to the snow on Wednesday, so we will have the real test then! They love the snow! I need to do some work on their booties to get them not to fill with snow…..
(January 6, 2016)–Kula is at the vet today having a few masses removed, one under his front leg ‘armpit’  was the main reason, the vet suggested removing it before it started to affect his walking. So we are having his teeth cleaned while he is under anesthetic! Pilikia is with me and is a much different dog when her big brother is not around; she is way more subdued and not quite sure what to do! Anyway, I pick up Kula at 6:00 tonight.Snow Loving Weims

Breeder’s Note

Pilikia joined your family as a young girl. Kula was already an integral part of the household as well as the family lifestyle. She has never known being the solo Weimaraner; therefore, it must have seemed very odd to her. She might feel like a fish out of the water. As you understand, these guys are creatures of habit. They like routine and companionship. Thank you for sharing this story with us. It is a very fun post.

Kula and Pilikia

 Brent Reported: I just took Kula and Pilikia to the vet for their annual shots, and the Vet said that Pilikia was about as perfect of a dog she has ever seen!!!!

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Breeder’s Note: We meet the most interesting folks via the Weims. Kula and Pilikia reside with a couple who put a lot of effort into everything they do. It is not surprising the Kula was featured in the Whole Dog Journal, and accomplished so much more. Then Pilikia joined the family, and it was a good fit all the way around. This athletic family could be spotted in any number of locations–running, biking, or sailing. Brent recently described himself as a professional dog-walker who sails now and then;-) Brent has been sailing professionally for 23 years. We loved these photos he shared  with us of boats he sailed on (in various capacities). Honestly, we don’t think the Weims made any of these trips. 

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Kula and Pilikia

Relaxing on Sunday

………A Rare Occurance!

10561727_10204494032010470_4890471745502034379_nThis was of the first Sunday morning in, well pretty much forever that we all had a slow relaxing morning, and the Weim’s (Kula and Pilikia) took full advantage of it! I just returned home from a pretty long trip, and April is going full gas at work on top of running the dogs while I am away. They get plenty of trail and road running. One of their favorite things to do is run the 5.5 miles from our house to the Santa Cruz Bicycles factory where April is the HR director to meet her when she gets off work, then most times they get another 5.5 mile run back home with April! When we are up at our place in Downieville they both have taken to swimming in the river, Kula especially will swim after the stick as long as you will throw it for him! This from the dog that is afraid of the ocean (crashing waves), but thinks nothing of swimming through swift currents and rapids right next to him!

Note: Thank You Brent, we know you are always busy doing incredible stuff. Check out some of what Brent is involved in click here and here. You are an amazing person–we enjoy reading the tidbits about the latest bicycle, or sailing adventure. Thank you for loving your two OwyheeStar Weimaraners–giving them such a grand life. 


Pilikia is amazing. 

April writes: She really fits in and Kula adores her.  She does have a lot of energy and is very busy, but, she is also very grounded and adapts easily.  Everything is new and exciting for her and she has so much enthusiasm.  Of the 3 weims that we have had, she is BY FAR, the easiest.

 Pilikia is a typical Weim….

She still likes to steal food of the table and counter, but that is her worst habit.  She passed her puppy class with flying colors and last night I was working with her retreiving, which she does really well. 

I know I have mentioned a lot of bad habits and challenges, but, I also adore her and love to have her close by me.  She is so sweet and I’m really glad we have her.

Pilikia (formerly known as Zeeva, was returned to OwyheeStar)–Please refer to the breeder’s note (later in this post) for more details!

It’s funny, I often think that the people that had her didn’t know what they had with her because she is such a rewarding dog, even at this early stage of her life…Their ignorance, our gain.

At OwyheeStar

Kula Bleu Participates in Agility

Brent Writes:

Pilikia is doing great, her personality keeps coming out more and more, she is a really sweet (and mischievous) dog that April, Kula and I really love. She is trail running with us and doing really well off leash, and she learns really fast. Kula is having a great time with her as well.

Breeder’s Note: It is rare that an OwyheeStar pup is returned. Nonetheless, Pilikia, was returned. We had her for several months before finding her a more than suitable family. We were extremely invested in finding the perfect placement for her. Part of our philosophy is that if you breed the Weimaraner, then you are responsible for getting them well-placed. Even though we had gone to great lengths to explain to Pilikia’s first family what was involved in raising a Weimaraner pup, they were unable to follow through. As per our agreement, she was returned.

Having her for several months meant crate training, some level of housebreaking, and lots of extra socialization. It required a lot of work on our part. Regardless, it was vitally important to keep her ready to place. We wanted to be ready when the right situation came along.

When April and Brent contacted us, we discussed her as well as another current puppy. They decided on Pilikia. There are always trade-offs when you go with an older pup rather than a very young pup, but Pilikia was ready to bond to her new forever family. We felt she would slip into their family and become a great playmate for Kula Bleu. For all concerned, the decision to move ahead and place Pilikea was a win-win.

Kula Bleu has been in the business of turning heads, making friends, and becoming a star in his own right. We are positive that Pilikia will step right into stride and keep up with her big brother Kula. We cannot thank Brent and April enough for all they do with their two OwyheeStar Weimaraners. If you have not heard about Kula Bleu you might check out these links:


~December 7, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The Christmas season is in Full Swing. Today is the Holiday Parade as well as the Treasure Valley Community College (TVCC) Annual Art Sale. I was there to help a bit with the setting up–but I left the finish to the pros. I unloaded a box or two. (Haha) And there is a lot to like–that is all I am saying. The sale is at the Art Department from 9 AM until 12:30–stop in and pick up a few things.


Pottery is not our OwyheeStar focus–but it is something starts with the letter ‘P’ as well–puppies. We have them and we are going to be extremely busy during the holiday season.

Dink next to a Littermate

Christina has managed to keep ‘Dink’ (the tiny Bettee puppy) going and he is seemingly doing more than okay. We have him with Bernie’s litter–size-wise he fits in. Bernie accepts him too. Yesterday, he had his first taste of kibble. He thought it was quite delicious. Cliff was so cute–he took a video of the event and sent it to Christina.

This Week On the Blog…

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. (Haha) We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too. If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

And–yes, I believe I have used nearly everything you have sent to us. So–we can use your story if you are willing to allow us to do so. Thanks to those who continue to make my life easier when it comes to the blog.

Sunday— December 1 — Bad Hair Day

Monday–-December 2—In The Snow

Tuesday – December 3  Sandwiched

Wednesday December 4 — Christmas Cards

Thursday –- December 5 —  Bart and Dad

Friday — December 6 — Maybe This

On a very personal note

It is that time of year again–basketball season. Our oldest grandson, Brad, had his first game of the season. They didn’t get the win, but the team played well. We were very encouraged. Brad is listed as a 6′ 5″ Junior (and he wears size 18 tennis shoes). That puts things into perspective.

Cliff continues to improve–but it is a slow process. Exhaustion is palpable and a constant challenge. Nonetheless, he is busy with the business of tending to the Weims, etc. We are ever so happy he is back to feeling a lot better.

I managed to get to the Art Department and finish a few items. A lot of these things will be held over until the next term. I picked up a couple of items, though, that pleased me. And I glazed the little things here and left them on the shelf for the next high-fire.

Otherwise, I have been busy with my bio-family. It is beyond surreal–that is all I will say here for now.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


~April 6, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

We had phone calls, a visit, and more from our Hay Guy. Thanks to Chris and Darcy’s crew our alfalfa got planted. Thanks to Mother Nature it got watered, too! Yes–we have had some rain. Not a lot but it is welcome.

Cliff has been busy on the tractor–well, on both tractors. Recently he moved quite a bit of dirt with the John Deere 730, but the little Red Massey Ferguson has been equally busy. While I enjoy the pottery diversion, it is the tractor that Cliff enjoys. Although, it is not as easy to sit on a tractor all day as it once was. (Haha) Farm equipment is busy all around us, too!


Spring walks around the farm are picking up. We were out with some young pups this week. They enjoyed the walk from the farmhouse to the sanctuary. Cliff will be getting out and around the farm (and other locations) to train for the up coming hunt tests. Today he is heading over to Notus –I am hoping for an excellent outcome.

Our outdoor puppy yards have taken a real beating with the earlier than usual Spring pups. The winter and the puppies pounding, digging, and whatnot make it clear we need to purchase some replacement sod sooner rather than later. (Oh, my goodness.) Cliff is preparing to put down some waterlines along that puppy area which will make clean up and lawn care a lot easier. It is going to be a lot nicer to have that done and a better walking path at the back of the house.

This Week On the Blog…

We are ever so thankful for each of you who sent us the updates (with photos and/or videos). We were encouraged as well as excited to read about each of these OwyheeStar Weimaraners.

Sunday— March 31 — Pilikia and Kula

Monday–-April 1 — Lexi

Tuesday — April 2 — Mauka

Wednesday — April 3 — The Head Turning (Luna)

Thursday –- April 4 —  The Solid Retrieve

Friday — April 5 — From Tennessee

On a very personal note

Our granddaughters make sure we are well taken care of on several levels. They help out as they are able. Of course, Christina works for us and helps with the Weimaraner. Ashley pitches in with the Weims when we need extra help, but she also helps Cliff with projects that require muscle. Recently she helped Cliff put down some pavers. Whatever would we do without their help? I don’t know.

The garden is showing promise. The peas we planted a couple of weeks ago are beginning to emerge. The Greenhouse plants are also sprouted and starting to produce those first leaves. We are behind the curve–the plants arriving at the local farm store are well rooted and larger sized. Somehow I believe ours will catch up and thrive. We will purchase what we need should our efforts fall short.

Overall, April is off to a good start — the garden speaks to my heart. What a blessing it is to be able to do this garden project with Ashley and the two Great Granddaughters. I can hear them squeal with delight when we pick the first cucumber.

2018 Weekly Synopsis

This Week on the Blog

We want to thank you who took the opportunity to send us material for our blog.

Kula Bleu was featured twice this week–thank you, Brent. If you have a long memory, you might remember Kula as a notable standout. Click Here to read about him being featured on the Whole Dog Journal. Each of this week’s featured Weims warmed my heart–and Jennifer writing us from the Sandbox (while deployed) speaks volumes.

It takes quite a few stories for us to keep going. Can I just say that you folks who keep us fueled are the best. Thanks ever so much –we appreciate you more than you could possibly know.


Sunday—October 21 — Cat Problems (Ellie’s Life)

Monday–-October 22 — From California (Enzo)

Tuesday —October 23 — Opportunistic (Pilikia and Kula Bleu)

Wednesday —October 24 — Woof Woof (Bella Blue)

Thursday –-October 25— Time Has Flown (Colby)

Friday — October 26 — Water Anyone (Kula Bleu)

On a very personal note

~look at my stuff I found on the shelf at the TVCC Art Department

IMG_2285They call it Christmas–IMG_2287when you pick up the finished pottery. There are several small bowls as well as the bowl of little projects. I ended up with three bulb forcing pots. There are more in the process, but not finished. I have also made a couple of mugs. It remains to be seen how they finish.

Cliff has been about the busy of trapping gophers. He has been more successful than earlier–I think that is excellent. I can only imagine the multiplication process if he had not caught them. I hope he can capture the one working near our garden.



Water Anyone

Kula Bleu,

    “says Oh Yeah!”

Here is Kula doing what he loves, swimming after sticks in the river, even when the water gets cold, he is keen for a swim! He is super good at navigating the currents and rapids and knows the commands right or left when he loses track of a stick and I can direct him from the shore!

Many thanks,

Breeder Comment

It is excellent that Kula is an extraordinarily good swimmer. Maybe it is extra special that you share the love of the water so much. (Haha) Your two OwyheeStar’s have such an excellent life. Thanks ever so much for everything you do with and for them–as well as sending along the Emailed updates. For those that might not have caught the connection Kula Blue and his sister, Pilikia, were recently featured tucked under the covers enjoying the master’s bed. If you missed that blog–click hereIMG_1410