Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

~ A Geography Lesson

Map Compliments of Oregon —Travel Guide at Wikivoyage

Those of you who refer to Bend as Eastern Oregon, consider this–Ontario is 260 miles east of Bend. Jordan Valley (which is about 90 miles south of Ontario), is 267 miles from Bend. Now, put this in reference–

–Salem to Bend is 132 miles, Portland to Bend is 175 miles, and Corvallis to Bend is 128 miles

So, those in Malheur and Harney Counties (especially) disagree with anyone labeling Bend as part of Eastern Oregon. According to the Eastern Oregon Visitors Association, Eastern Oregon includes only the following eight counties:  MorrowUmatillaUnionWallowaGrantBakerHarney, and Malheur. Some definitions of the region are more restrictive,[4] while others include the base eight counties listed above plus several adjacent counties. Harney County is the largest (at 10,133.16 sq. mi), but only has a little over 7,000 population. The second-largest county is Malheur (where Ontario is located) ( 9,887.52 sq. mi) with around 30,000 residents.

Another interesting fact for those living out of the area is that Ontario is located in the Mountain Time zone. OwyheeStar is located just slightly south of Ontario, which is also about 60 miles west of Boise, Idaho–and we are included as part of the Treasure Valley.

The Treasure Valley is located primarily in southwestern Idaho, where the PayetteBoiseWeiserMalheurOwyhee, and Burnt rivers drain into the Snake River. It includes all the lowland areas from Vale in rural eastern Oregon to Boise.


As you know, every Saturday, we report on what is happening at OwyheeStar. We manage to keep busy–we have ideas and projects, plus training even when we do not have a litter of pups.

COVID-19 made us wonder if we would have a problem with placing the pups–but the opposite thing happened. Our pups were in demand, and people who had talked with us over the last few years but had decided to wait wrote to say they wanted to get the process going. We had somewhere around a thousand inquiries–I will let you imagine what that meant from our side of the fence. (Whew) Nonetheless, we were miraculously blessed with more pups than usual–mothers who we didn’t know if they could produce a litter or not–did. We made some new friends, reconnected with some longstanding friends, and helped many families add a Weimaraner.

Currently–Atti’s pups continue to do excellent, and Miss Atti is so connected with them. She is that kind of mother–the best kind. Sadly this is her final litter. It is Martee’s first litter–so, we get to see how his DNA swirls through our lineage. So far–we love what we see. Their coats are lovely–with a silvery glint to the blue. Of course, it will be some time until we learn more, but Martee is a happy, excited, crazy loving boy. We adore him!

This Week On the Blog…

If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner). 

We are always in need of OwyheeStar stories to share. It helps when I get an email even if you send photos via another mode. I know you enjoy reading about other OwyheeStar pups–especially those related to yours.

Sunday— Dec. 27 — After Christmas Cheer

Monday–- Dec. 28 — Nixon

Tuesday – Dec. 29 — Zelda

Wednesday — Dec. 30 —Oh, Henry

Thursday –- Dec. 31 — Stone

Friday — Jan. 1 — Willow

On a very personal note

It is the first Saturday of 2021–my new packages (pictured below) are labeled to reflect such. We most certainly join everyone that is seeking better days ahead. For all the bad things we faced in 2020, we had so many positive things. I mentioned quite a few a couple of days ago, and they included the birth of our first Great Grandson. He is nearly a year old, and we have hardly seen him–that is a sad reality, and of course, it is the same for the two Great Granddaughters. It must be hard for them to understand.

Cliff has finished second panty shelving–my Christmas present. He wants to get the trim done, but we need to order some pine. But for now, I am working on loading the shelves–and figuring out how we will keep it organized.

The last batch of apples is in the freeze-dryer. We even checked to see if the local Fujis were still available, but they were gone. Most likely, we will move to staple foods–vegetables, for one. We will have to figure this out–but the biggest surprise is that we prefer our freeze-dried hamburgers to any other. It is kind of crazy. I recently freeze-dried individual meatloaf servings. So, we will see if it transfers over the same for them.

COVID-19 is on a rampage in and around our county–despite what any of us want to believe or acknowledge. Therefore, I am picking up groceries curbside this morning–and hoping I get what I ordered. (Haha) We pray and hope for those stricken to recover quickly and completely–and for the rest of us to avoid exposure.

About OwyheeStar

We are Professional Weimaraner breeders--with forty years experience at raising puppies. For many years, we have focused exclusively on the Weimaraner! If you are considering the Weimaraner, or live with one, we welcome you to sign up to our blog. We sincerely hope you will find the information, the stories, and varied posts insightful (as well as entertaining). To those who live with an OwyheeStar Weimaraner, we send special thanks. We appreciate the photos, the news, and your friendship. Thank you for being a part of the extended OwyheeStar family.

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