~ With Sena

Tonite. I expected her to wad it up but she didn’t.

I took her to town yesterday trying to get her used to riding. She hated it, stayed pissed at me the whole time. Would not ride in front with me & when we went to DQ for a cone she said up yours lady, & would have nothing to do with it. Even dragged across her nose. Too bad I had to eat 2. Haha.

Breeder Comment

Weims can be weird. She probably feared you would drop her off–her last trip was when we left her with you. Keep trying, as I know you will–she will learn you are not going to leave her anywhere.

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  1. I got Mesquite from Shela & Cliff 2 1/2 years ago. When you re-home an older Weim you have to be super patient, because everything is new to them. They have to bond to you, and that takes a lot of time and patience. When I first got Mesquite she would get sick every time I took her for a ride in the car. Pretty soon she found out it was fun to go for a ride, now she get upset if you don’t take her when the car goes.
    Another thing that is very important is repetition, don’t change things up on them. They are trying to do what you want them to do. When the light comes on you will have a friend for life.
    A Weim is super intelligent, Mesquite is the most intelligent dog I have ever owned. I have been a Vizsla owner all my life, but Mesquite changed my mind.
    Dazee looks like a nice dog, just be patient and it will pay huge dividends.

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