~November 9, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Farmers are still working–lately, we notice ash in the air. We also see some cornstalks being burned off rather than plowed into the ground. Fields are being bedded out in preparation for next Spring. There are the final details before putting the equipment up.


The stores have Christmas displays–other items are being relegated to storage or less high-traffic areas. I guess we can safely say it is the holiday season. Growing up, I was never to mention Christmas or decorating until after Thanksgiving. Then, my parents tried to put off the holiday as long as possible, but I was a very persistent little girl.


Bettee delivered ten pups on Tuesday. She has bounced back nicely–us, not so much. Our backside is still dragging a bit. (Haha) The pups are gaining weight and apparently thriving. Go Bettee!

Meanwhile We expect traditional smooth coats, too. We are still holding our breath–it seems to be a typically OwyheeStar pastime. Meanwhile, there are the cute Longhairs.

This Week On the Blog…

I was running short on blog material (as per usual)–and you folks came through with some good ones. Thank you! Unfortunately, we received news of Bailey’s loss–lots of sadness, but what a life.

As always, thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–they make this all possible. (Haha) We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too. If you have a story that you will let me share–I need at least three sentences and a decent photo. I prefer to receive it via email. (FYI–we only use stories that feature the OwyheeStar Weimaraner).

Sunday— November 3 — We Are Expecting

Monday–-November 4— Broken-Hearted

Tuesday — November 5 — Frida

Wednesday — November 6 — Campbell

Thursday –- November 7 —  Kennel Cough

Friday — November 8 — Edgar

On a very personal note

Cliff had a couple of medical appointments. The best news was that his anemia is in check. (Hurrah) Our daughter came over on Tuesday and the trip for the blood draw with him. So, that was fun. She also traveled to the Vet office to pick up Bubbles–after her spay.

My latest creation now wrapped in plastic and in the damp cupboard–drying slow.
This Grannie Plays in The Mud

I’ve been busy working on some pottery projects–I feel as if I am getting somewhere. I like the unique and different, rather than the run of the mill pieces. (Haha) I say most Grannies knit or crochet, but this one plays in the mud. (OMG) This piece was something I threw together on Friday afternoon. Charlotte helped me make the emblem–I think it speaks to my heart.

Cliff’s rock pile hasn’t moved. We are looking at it as we drive in and out of the driveway. (Haha) The haystack is much the same–sitting at the end of the field awaiting a truck to haul it off. We don’t have a clue when that will happen.

Go Nick!

Well, there is one other thing that catches our attention. Nick has Club Ball–and so we have two games this afternoon–Christina will be here to babysit.

Cliff and I look forward to watching the two grandsons play basketball–it is their sport of choice.

About OwyheeStar

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  1. Shela – first of all, beautiful, beautiful litter of longhairs – all so different! Can’t wait to see update pics.
    and second – WOW!! I love your pottery style – a lot like mine in a way – going for the unique and different. Congrats and keep it up! Great to have a creative outlet, huh!
    Thanks for sharing….


  2. Thank you, Sharyl–some of my pottery doesn’t work. But I am finding myself. haha
    Thanks also for the comment about this litter–have a beautiful day!

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