~Running with Haley and Jeff

Just a quick update on Remy. Both Jeff and I are runners and we’ve been gradually working Remy up to longer runs with us, she just loves it. She’s up to 20+ miles a week and is a great running buddy. She sees the running leash  and starts spinning circles, it’s created a new bond for us. 

I have mentioned she has had issues with aggression, but she does well on runs when we pass other dogs. We’ve had some successful socialization with her and other dogs too, going slowly but she seems to be building up more confidence around other dogs and is a little less reactive. We have a lot more work to do, but it seems she is moving in the right direction.

Hope you and Cliff are well!

Breeder Comment

Spinning circles is something we have seen a lot of over the years. Deli was the ultimate spinner. Currently, Miss Winnie is the biggest spinner of the group. This spinning is a fun activity, –, we always think it is a fun thing. Well, until something goes flying when they bump it in the moment of excitement. (Haha)

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