Old Friends

~Reuniting with Heater Vent

As the leaves dance from limb to ground, so begins the challenge of reminding Asher — the door to the backyard cannot remain open all day.  Brrr, did the weather change ever so quickly with a crisp chill in the air…it appears that fall lacked a slow grace.  Even Asher noticed as he snuggled with his friend the “heater vent” today.

‘Baby it’s Cold Outside!’

Winter is coming!  So does the question, what to do with the energy of a WEIM when ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’?!?  Any suggestions?  I am open.

Breeder Comment

Oh, the joy of winter–a lot of Weimaraners love the snow. Most, however, are not wild about the rain. Stackhouse is unfazed by the moisture falling from the sky–he looks for every puddle opportunity despite the outdoor temperature. To our chagrin–the muddier the puddle, the happier might seem. Perhaps one of our readers will share a realistic idea that will be helpful.

Winter exercise is always a problem. There are options–put on rain gear, and dress how you need and get out for the usual walk is the most common solution. We have seen people using a treadmill–that is a cool idea. Ultimately, I think what we need is a big wheel that creates electricity–maybe we could keep it going 10 hours a day. Haha–free power sounds fabulous.

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  1. We loved winter in Colorado with our Weimaraner Duke. He raced all over in the snow, bounding like an antelope. I think his strategy was to outrun the cold. He hated his coat. He literally ran out of his snowboots. We voice and whistle trained him to be off leash, so we went hiking and snowshoeing in winter. We all had a blast. He would refuse to go out to potty in the rain. But if I put on my rain gear and put on his rain gear, he’d hike with me for miles in the rain! He was terrified of thunder and lightening. But he was fine with me if we got caught in either. We enjoyed the adventure together. He knew I would do anything for him.

  2. /Users/owyheestarweimaraners/Downloads/Duke in snow.jpeg/Users/owyheestarweimaraners/Downloads/USM1372_589-0664.jpg/Users/owyheestarweimaraners/Downloads/IMG_0042.jpeg

  3. Since Maizie was a little puppy she has always loved the heater vent—even in our camper! She will find them wherever they are!😉

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