~Loves that I Work the Nightshift

I work night shift, which means 12 days per month, I sleep during the day. It’s the one thing I don’t like about my job, but the one thing Henry loves!!! He doesn’t sleep with us at night, Kevin’s hard rule since we got him 3.5 years ago.

Like all Weims, routines are gospel, Henry knows when I walk in the door at 8 am that we are about to have some serious snuggle time, he stands right by my side while I make myself a little breakfast (of course patiently waiting for me to share something), and then I say the magic words, “you want to go to bed?” Henry runs up the stairs and straight to his blanket on the bed. Every once in a while he wakes me up, but most of the time, it’s Kevin waking us both up with coffee and opening the curtains. Hen is just as reluctant as me to open his eyes and get going. 

I don’t know why Weims are a labeled as the crazy always energetic dogs, Henry sleeps all night, and happily settles in for another 5-7 hours with mommy!!!

Breeder Comment

The Weimaraner indeed loves to sleep–, especially with their humans. They can settle in for an afternoon of television and popcorn, too. It always amazes me that Stackhouse has been up less than an hour and he is crashed on the floor snoozing away. I guess beauty sleep is a Weimar thing too.

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