~September 14, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

This week we remembered –well, it has been sixteen years since America suffered the unbelievable terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. It rocked our nation and for a moment, brought us together. We forgot about the petty things that divide our unity because of what occurred on September 11. Too bad it takes such a crisis for us to come together.

Meanwhile, life rolls on–locally farmers are busy with the harvest. Several fields have already been plowed. I am ever so thankful to have the green alfalfa field to look out across.


Hello World!

Hattee’s pups continue to grow and thrive. Other than caring for the pups –it is the typical Weim care thing.

We are hoping to have other pups born between now and the end of the year. Sadly, we cannot make predictions. I think saying that as often as we are forced to repeat it is one of the more significant challenges. (Haha)

This Week On the Blog…

Thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–once again, you saved us. (Haha)

We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these updates as much as we did, too.

Also, we are running short on material–probably almost always, but if you have a picture and short little tale we could share, please send it along. And–a special thank you to everyone who has helped us this summer!

Sunday— September 8 — The View (Stackhouse)

Monday–-September 9— The Two (Colorado Boys)

Tuesday — September 10 — Puppy Faces

Wednesday — September 11 — Kenai

Thursday –- September 12 —  Human Onboard ( Moxie)

Friday — September 13 — Nine Candles (Mesquite)

On a very personal note

Our week seemed busy–even though there were no major events before today. This morning we are going to Kay Becker’s Celebration of life. For many years, she and her husband, Jack, were the Pastors at a church we attend. Sadly, she lost her life to cancer–aggressive liver and pancreatic cancer. At last, she is free from the pain and suffering.

The Gardening Girls were here for a bit of work in the garden. We mostly got trimming done–and talked a little about our plan for managing the last of the season. Ashley is pulled every which way–and being pregnant would be enough. Keeping up with the two girls, plus everything else doesn’t allow for a break. Despite that, she keeps smiling and overcomes the obstacles. The Gardening Girls had lunch with us on Friday–and then went to meet Ashley’s mother to celebrate her birthday.

~At The Old Farmhouse

Cliff is still working on the master bath as possible–his back is better. The exhaustion sometimes overtakes him. He has to pace himself.

I started the BBQ sauce I have wanted to make–I think I will finish it tomorrow. It is not quite like I want, but I will adjust it until I get something tasty–at least, in my opinion. (OMG) I hope I can adjust it to something that works for us.

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