~August 31, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Today is the last day of August 2019–it is hard to believe that September arrives tomorrow. Well, that is until we look around and see that harvest in full swing. There is that.

So we heard that basketball starts right after Thanksgiving. Right now, everything is all about Football. Boise State plays their first game of the year today–noonish in Florida. Due the the impending hurricane and whatnot, the game is no longer being played at a neutral site–so it will be at the home of the Florida State Seminoles. So, not only do they travel across the country–they go into enemy territory. Go Broncos!

“We’re not going there to play these teams to say that we played them and we have them on the schedule,” said Harsin, who has won 52 games in five seasons at Boise. “That’s not the mentality. These are not those money games. These are games to go out there to compete to win.


Hattee yesterday morning

We are prepared and ready for a projected whelp –just waiting to share the news. We never like to guarantee or act as if we are sure that we will have a litter arrive–any number of things could go awry. So, we have been preparing and holding our breath. There is always the anxiety–a bit like following Boise State. You don’t have control over much except what you can prepare and your attitude.

Cliff finished the Whelp room floor and put in a few other upgrades. We have cleaned our room top to bottom. We have supplies laid in–and hopefully, we will have something to report soon.

This Week On the Blog…

Thanks to our faithful OwyheeStar contributors–you save my life. (Haha) We sincerely hope our readers enjoyed these newsy tidbits as much as we did, too.

Sunday— August 25 — Double Trouble Bubbles

Monday–-August 26— NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize One

Tuesday — August 27 — Tikka (soft-mouthed)

Wednesday — August 28 — Bob and Cody Wolff

Thursday –- August 29 —  Ashe

Friday — August 30 — Lyle (and Mesquite)

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

The tractor took a turn or two around the road that runs around our field and travels on out to the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary. So–it is ready for travel should the opportunity present. Also, there was some general clean up done–weeds and spiffing things up.

Cliff has been working on our master bath–the tile floor. He has to lay it in bits and pieces. Some things require adjusting–like our temporary sliding door, so that he can lay the floor. Folks, he is doing a great job.

~The Gardening Girls and more

The girls were here a couple of times this week–picking produce. Ashley also helped me with a little project I had going. I have put up a few things–dill pickles, sugar-free ketchup, sugar-free pasta sauce, sugar-free salsa, sugar-free pickled beets, sugar-free jam, Christmas pickles, mustard, etc.

Our flowers are doing well–our favorite are the red sunflowers. The two Great Granddaughters love that they are able to pick flowers. They help keep them trimmed–cutting off the spent blossoms, too.

I wanted to plant a few fall crops. Honestly, I am not sure we can get it done. I will let you know. I am still mulling this over in my heart and my mind–to see if I can find the time and muster the strength. (Haha)

Cliff and I are doing pretty-much okay. There are good days, and at other times, we face challenges–especially Cliff. We are hoping that he can get some help when he meets with his doctor (the middle of September). We live in an amazing day and age–there are more options available.

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  1. Did you get any fall crops planted? If so, what are they? I planted snap peas. They are growing well. The kale, however, is “iffy.”

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