~August 24, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The onion harvest continues. Yesterday as I drove south of our place, I met onion trucks. Later when we headed into town–there were more of the same. Even with the harvest in full-swing, several fields still host the famous Treasure Valley Onion–each field’s production awaiting their turn to head into storage with a hope of an excellent market price.

I love the cross over our property–I hope it is a good omen.

So our hay is doing well after the haircut (Haha)–it is green and growing. We noticed the local straw leaves for delivery as soon as it is cut and baled, but the hay is accumulating in stacks. We are not sure what that means exactly. I am sure we will find out soon enough.


It was another week of Whelp Room work. The floor is done–Cliff has moved onto finishing some trim. We have been doing a lot of various things. Christina took Hattee out for a spin–I meant a walk. She loved it but couldn’t get back to the house quick enough. We have been ear cleaning and that kind of thing. Things look good.

This Week On the Blog…

You who sent us an update have helped us with summer blog posts–that means a lot! I have one in the pipeline for early next week. I think I am running low, but I expect something new will come along soon. You all have been fabulous.

Sunday— August 19 — Francee

Monday–-August 20— Ruger

Tuesday — August 21 — Going on Vacation

Wednesday — August 22 — Winchester

Thursday –- August 22 —  Willow’s Wall

Friday — August 23 — Zeus

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

Our emphasis has been general clean up–eliminating things we don’t need, and organizing inside and out. I think we are making a huge dent, but it seems endless. I am remembering when Cliff and were selling real estate, and we would show a farm with the abundant accumulation of whatnot. I would always think about what it would take to clean that place up. Well–working on our place, which had a moderate accumulation after about 70 years of farming, it causes me to shudder. I think you would need several trucks and a large crew to make a dent in such a situation. (OMG) So, I am sure we are a long way from being done. When we depart this world–what is left will become our kid’s problem. (OMG) Or possibly, our grandchildren’s problem. Who can guess?

Cliff has been on the tractor cleaning up the edges and keeping our road around the property travel-ready. Inside, he has been working on the whelp room–but he also has to get Suzie-stacker (our second washer and dryer) moved out. We order a new set–I am sad to see Suzie go. No joke–I loved her a lot.

~The Gardening Girls and more

Here is the youngest great-granddaughter (River Rose). These girls love their flowers. And this year–we have an entire bed of cutting flowers. It makes us all happy. Of course, we love the red sunflowers a lot. Next year I simply must have hibiscus. I could not acquire a plant this year.

The Gardening Girls were here–and for once they could be out with Ashley and I. The mosquitoes of late have been brutal–even spray wasn’t keeping them away. So, all too often, they were inside with me while Ashley picked and watered. I am embarrassed to admit our garden has been sadly neglected–but happy to report it is still producing better than expected. Ashley and I canned pickles yesterday.

The raised beds with ground cover cloth help a lot. We are in a battle with squash bugs–but so far we have not lost the battle. It is better than last year. Ashley’s gardening girlfriends have reported the loss of all their zucchini plants. I think we are fortunate.

Cliff and I are doing pretty-much okay. There are good days, and sometimes, we face challenges. Overall, we are more than hanging in there. Cliff’s seeing the Oncologist again (or his Nurse Practitioner) after they do another blood draw. You have to think they are selling this stuff for the amount they take. (OMG)

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