~July 20, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Last week we reported out next cutting of hay found its way to the stack. It won’t be long, and there will be another cutting. Cliff and our hay guy (Chris) decided to cut both of our fields at once–so we will hold off on the one field a bit longer. That seems like a good plan for us.

The Combines pulled into the fields– farmers are engaged in the harvest of wheat. Harvest may include some of the beans, too. The beans at the corner (near the stop sign), are very green. They look lovely but are nowhere near ready for harvest.


Felix is looking for his ‘Forever-Family’

Last Saturday, most of Bernie’s pups joined their new family. The last person to meet us had car issues. They were nearly an hour late. I don’t know what that little puppy thought, but she was stressed. All these people had gathered around–her best buddies leaving, and yet, she remained. She wasn’t hot on us getting her out of the kennel. But once her human arrived–Wow, things changed. It was like she knew that this was the guy for her. She lavished him with sweet kisses, and when the girlfriend wanted to hold her, she had not a lick of interest. It was the most precious reaction–I was glad I got to witness the moment.

Felix and another boy have not found their family, yet. That is a whole other story–sometimes summers can be wonky. People can flake-out at the last minute. Regardless, he is a fabulous boy–so friendly.

He is an ultra velcro Weim though. The great-granddaughters loved playing with him.

This Week On the Blog…

Jedi with the newest family member

We put out a request for updates. Our material was running super-thin. Honestly, I was concerned if we could keep up. You came through–we genuinely appreciate everyone who responded. We caught up with a couple, Jan shared one of her proudest moment, and we meet two newcomers–Frida and Kenai.

Sunday— July 7 — Jedi

Monday–-July 8 — Opus

Tuesday — July 9 — Meet Frida

Wednesday — July 10 — Agility (Willow and Jan)

Thursday –- July 11 —  4th of July (with Lu)

Friday — July 12 — Kenai

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

We were happy to receive the report after Cliff’s most recent testing–the Nurse Practitioner left us feeling more than a little concerned. In the end–the report cleared Cliff of these particular concerns. (Whew!)

On the home front–Cliff has been busy fixing things. Our A/C started acting up—it is hot. Isn’t that when the air conditional goes sideways? Of course, but if you happened to read the ditty I wrote this morning–you know the details. Cliff discovered the issue. We are good to go with the triple-digit temperatures looming large on the horizon. Meanwhile–he is having more problems with the wheel line–that has to get fixed today.

The Gardening Girls were here–a couple of times this week. On Thursday, Ashley stayed to work on the simple curtains for the kitchen. Our cabinets are not finished (by any means) and with the open fronts–curtains seemed like a good idea. So, curtains it is. It is an old farmhouse type of thing. (Haha)

One thing that made me happy was getting some family photos up. We don’t have a lot of space, but I got a few placed this week. I have a little clothesline that will clip a few other snapshots. I may have one more location to put a couple of framed gems. It makes me feel more at home. We were already loving living here–but this was a much-needed touch.

We cannot display all the photos we have–who could? There is this old photo of an unknown family member. Ashley is going to take this to use and to keep knowing it came out of her Great Grandma’s home. We love it.

Maybe someday we will know who she was. If not, then she was family–that speaks for itself, right?!?

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