~July 13, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017
Cutting the hay not that long ago–

The new cutting of hay got raked and stacked near the railroad tracks. Cliff had to fix some of the corrugates–the watering has been somewhat challenging.

Harvest has begun–not sure what crop it was, but we saw some windrows were along the way into town. It might be beans. The grain is ripe and ready for the taking, too.


I got in the water

This week the puppies have been busy. They swam and played in the sprinkler–and made mud pies. This water-thing also means their nose has ingrained mud. We also have time to practice settling and crate-training. Some did better than others. (Haha)

We captured this quick snapshot of this boy with water on his nose. So adorable, right!?!

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We are thin on material clients-updates. We know it is summer, but maybe some of you have a cute photo along with a little story–special thanks for those who got me something to us this week. We had just enough–we truly appreciate you folks being so thoughtful.

Sunday— July 7 — Sky

Monday–-July 8 — Loki and Erica

Tuesday — July 9 — Dasher

Wednesday — July 10 — Toby

Thursday –- July 11 —  Paisley

Friday — July 12 — When There’s

On a very personal note

~At The Old Farmhouse

Stackhouse has his eye on us!

There is not a lot to report. There is the dealing with the heat and the constant work on the farm as well as the farmhouse. The gardening girls were here earlier this week–but I had to keep up on the watering etc. I wished I could do a bit better, but we are all doing what is possible. So, far neglect hasn’t taken over. (Haha)

Everyone has been posting their lovely sunflower photos. We have some too. Maybe ours are a bit different than most. (IDK) I should get a bit closer with the lens, but there is a bit of mud near the raised bed after yesterday’s watering. We have quite the crop of mosquitoes–something we would like to forego. The green beans are coming along–there are a few to pick. Our tomatoes are starting to produce a goodly number on the bushes–they need pruning. (OMG)

Cliff had his six-month Oncologist visit–he had to see a Nurse Practitioner instead of Dr. Arteta. There was the usual bloodwork –there are some concerns. So, he is not yet done –there is another round of bloodwork next week after which he will see Dr. Arteta. We will see what they discover.

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