2019 Weekly Synopsis


~June 1, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

We notice a lot of the local hay has not yet been cut–the prevailing rains have set us back a few weeks. (Haha) That is not new news.

Meanwhile, the Ontario Splash Pad opened this week. A lot of people are very excited about this event. I don’t suppose we will be using it, but it fabulous for the Great Granddaughters. I really don’t know much about it, but my dental tech had to get to the Grand Opening–she was stoked.

School is out–that means that summer basketball is in full swing. We will be making as many games or scrimmages as possible. (Haha) We were in Nyssa on Thursday evening for two games. Of course, we are not the only ones scrambling to make these events.


Bernie and Cliff –before the pups arrived!

We are still busy with Bernie’s current litter. She is such a hoot–and a fabulous Mama, too.

Meanwhile, Cliff has been busy working on the waterlines–as well as various upgrades for the puppy yards, etc.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you to each of you who contributed something that we used for a blog. We hope everyone enjoyed the stories as much as we did.

The caption for the two Weims looking out the window might be–“Shela’s look for material for her blog again, I see her coming.” Well, enjoy the updates if you missed them this week–drop us one if you can.

Sunday— May 26 — Sisters

Monday–-May 27 — Happy Memorial Day

Tuesday — May 28 — Pushkin

Wednesday — May 29 — Puppy Kindergarten

Thursday –- May 30 —  Emmy

Friday — May 31 — Legit Question Here

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

The gardening continues, and that is excellent news, too! The gardening girls are back–we worked on a few things together. The great-granddaughters picked the pea pods–their Mom said she would make a stir fry. I keep snatching the pea pods to eat as a snack–yum.

We still have another raised bed to get built–but first Cliff must finish all the back-filling from the water lines. It is so great to have faucets instead of long runs with hoses traveling here and there with levels to control things. Anyhow, we have plants that need to go into the next raised bed–hopefully, Cliff can get it put together for us soon.

Cliff saw the podiatrist about his foot issue–it was a quick fix situation. If it gets worse, it may eventually require surgery, but for now, a trim worked. I am so happy for him–feet issues are not welcome. He doesn’t see the Oncologist until July–I think I am scheduled for August.

(Speaking of Cliff) He made the girls smile–he let them get up on the tractor. Then he came back with the Gator and took them for a ride. They were all smiles.

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