2019 Weekly Synopsis


~April 27, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

It is impressive to watch the alfalfa grow–the only thing growing quicker are the weeds. I know we just trimmed them, but they are screaming for attention again.

Everywhere you see farmers working–Ted Davis and his old Blue Ford Tractor were working off Sunset–planting corn. The ditch company is cleaning ditches preparing for water that should arrive anytime.


We are preparing for the last of the Spring pups to depart. There is a chance we can swim the puppies before they leave–I hope. Otherwise, there are a lot of little details to pull together before next weekend. We have a couple of older pups ready for placement to an approved home–females.

We also have the one male available — a Gray Longhair –I think he is going to be a gem. He doesn’t appear to be a pocket-rocket type. He was promised, but the folks wanted something more driven. It is hard to say what this guy will be like as an adult–personally, I think he is ideal–and will have plenty of get-up-and-go, but possibly be a bit easier in some ways.

This Week On the Blog…

Thank you–for the Emailed stories as well as the updates. We all appreciate you doing that. I know our readers also like to follow your news–thank you, again for making the OwyheeStar Blog possible!

Sunday— April 21 — What Easter Looks Like to Some

Monday–-April 22 — Lu’s Mama

Tuesday — April 23 — Ace

Wednesday — April 24 — Maelee

Thursday –- April 25 —  Gunner

Friday — April 26 — Stone

On a very personal note

~The Garden and Around the Farmhouse

The gardening girls have made a couple of trips over to help us get our starts replanted. Ashley came to water one day when I was pressed for time and needed to be elsewhere. I do so appreciate her doing that. Plants are like babies–they require attention as well as pampering.

I picked up a few strawberries plants to plant in our strawberry planter. Ours didn’t winter over–bummer. The ones in the ground wintered fine. I should have put the planter inside the greenhouse for the winter with a cover–and watered them a bit earlier this spring. Maybe that would have saved them. I am not sure. The rhubarb came through though. Otherwise our plants are doing well–the zucchini have buds. Others are leafing out with the promise of growth–the tender starts (such as herbs) have been thriving. They are still dinky for the most part–but overall look to be putting down a good root system. Isn’t that what you want?

I made it over the Art Department on Thursday and Friday. I cannot say I had a lot of production, but there was something. The shelf is filling for a high fire–so before long, I should have some items to bring home. I want to get back to hand building. I love it. It is more time consuming–but there are so many possibilities. I need to finish up a few items I made late last year–a wind chime, bells, etc.

Cliff has been trapping gophers, doing tractor work, cleaning out the ditch, putting things together for his waterline project. I anxiously await that to be done. I am sure the process will be challenging–but nonetheless, it will be so excellent to have hydrants where we need them. (OMG) I am so blessed that he is skilled and knowledgeable.

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