2019 Weekly Synopsis


~April 20, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Easter Sunday is something most everyone celebrates in one way or the other. Some of you might not be a part of an organized church, and not care about the message of the Cross. Maybe your focus is bunnies, and the egg hunt, etc. I cannot guess. We embrace the message of Resurrection Sunday, but the fun of egg hunting and whatnot also is included. Family is important.

We don’t know much about the specific Easter plans–our Granddaughter (Ashley) has it under control. We are meeting at her house on the hill between Ontario and Nyssa. We look forward to being with the family.

This week’s weather brought us summer-like temperatures (yesterday)–80-degrees. Everything is growing with the rain and warm temperatures–including our alfalfa. Cliff says the field that was just planted it already about an inch high. (Hurrah!)


The puppy yards required mowing–the first this year. The sanctuary is a bit overgrown, too. I suppose Cliff will be pulling through there with the mower also.

We are still busy with puppies, people, and whatnot. One of the Longhairs (who was a bit older than usual) left to join her new family. They live in Boise–several people who to meet the new are Longhair. I am not sure what they will call this girl–we called her Brooke. That wasn’t set in stone–it is whatever Julie and Quinn decide.

This Week On the Blog…

I ran a little short on material this week, so as you noticed there were some informational posts. I, and just about everyone, loves seeing the updates. I believe I already have a couple of posts for the coming week.

Thank you–for the Emailed stories as well as the updates. We all appreciate you doing that.

Sunday— April 14 — Update on Astra

Monday–-April 15 — Nosework

Tuesday — April 16 — Columbia’s Family Reports

Wednesday — April 17 — Did You Ever Wonder?

Thursday –- April 18 —  Get Compliance

Friday — April 19 — Natural Ability

On a very personal note

~Gardening Makes You Hungary

The gardening girls were here–all three one day, and just Ashley another day. We got a lot of things taken care of–our weeds were getting out of hand. Isn’t is amazing how quickly they grow? Thankfully the plants are also growing–here is a photo of our peas and the rhubarb we relocated.

I made it over the Art Department–got all the pots I had made glazed. We will see how they turn out. I experimented with the glaze. There was no one else there, except for the photography teacher and a couple of students. It was uncannily quiet.

Cliff has been trapping gophers, doing tractor work, and making repairs. I think he is ready to dive into the water line project. Honestly, with the promise of warmer temperatures, we (the granddaughters and I) cannot wait to have the convenience this year.

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