Shark Baby

~Winning the Battle

Thank you you guys are the best!!  Her eyes are changing more green and not as bright.  I just love her but oh man when I get home and she is with Chris all day she gets so excited and starts biting me with her sharp teeth.  I’m trying to control the biting but I hate to say its been hard finding a good trainer to follow.  I just bought 2 books on Amazon by Kyra Sundance are you familiar with her? All her training books feature a weimarinar on the cover.

I know she doesn’t mean too nip, but she got my lip good today.  She nips just when she is really hyper.  I need to find some good tips and practices cause boy she got my ear good too. 

She sleeps next to us every night and loves her dog bed and silly toys. She is so smart and loves to retrieve and does so well with dropping her toy and repeating the process.  She is so cuddly and sweet.  It’s the biting I am struggling with it’s my job to teach her and she is in her best time period for learning. I say no bite and point my finger which isn’t working because it seems to provoke her.  Today I turned and crossed my arms and she just bit me from behind.  Don’t get me wrong she doesn’t do this all day just when she is really excited and over stimulated.   I look like a goof with this mark on my face.  Talk soon thanks again so much!! Bridget

Breeder Comment

You might remember the link I posted about embracing the biting Weimaraner–in the end, once you have the bite inhibition worked through it will work in your favor. The worst kind of biting is fear biting. This puppy biting thing is how they treat those they love–but if you observe them in the litter or with their mother–there are consequences.

Click Here to read Ann Taguchi’s insightful article on the Weimaraner puppy biting. I have posted this before, but if you missed the article, it would be a good time to read it.

I am happy to report Bridget is getting a handle on this issue (we spoke yesterday), but I wanted to post this because we all know how frustrating the biting can be. Yes, it seems it is always something.

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