2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~February 23, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Recent blogs have discussed the unseasonal muddy situation. Typically, the mud becomes an issue during the Spring thaw–not a January or February thing. (Haha) Thursday we were driving south on Hwy 201 to our grandson’s basketball game–heading to Homedale, Idaho. That journey took us through Nyssa, Oregon, and south–as we pulled out of Nyssa, Cliff spotted some tractors in a field. He was quick to point out some farmer was out working their field. Well, this soon ended with a massive burst of laughter as we got close enough to spot that the tractor was buried in mud. I must admit I begged to turn around and go back so I could capture a picture. Cliff was not stopping or turning around. (Haha)

We have had some snow, but it never lasts long. As we drove East towards Nampa, Idaho yesterday we saw something we can see on the surrounding mountains. They had snow–not a lot but enough to draw our attention. Spring is around the corner, but Winter is not done with us.


Our helpers were here again this week. Ashley (and her two lovely daughters)–Evie and River, are so much fun. They love to grab Grandpa’s stethoscope so that they can listen to the puppy’s heart–whether they can hear anything or not is a good question. Regardless, the handling by the girls is a plus.

Touch is essential for a pup’s socialization. From their earliest days, as well as throughout the first couple of years, meeting various types of people and experiencing their touch helps the Weimaraner to become more accepting and adaptable. Not every dog, and certainly not every Weimaraner, is going to like everyone. Nonetheless, they should be somewhat user-friendly. These kinds of lessons help lay a good foundation.

This Week On the Blog…

We put out a call for help with material for our blog, and a few of you came through big time. We do so appreciate you understanding our need. Of course, it is an ongoing need. (Haha) I will most likely continue to beg.

I know someone will bail us out, again.

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Tuesday — February 19 — Elle and Her Preparation

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Thursday –- February 21—  Things Like This

Friday — February 21 — Greetings from Sonoma County!

On a very personal note

Cliff has been tackling an inside project this week–a bit of trim happened. Then he installed the old walk-through gate that we brought along when we moved–we had never gotten it installed because we hadn’t finished our trim. (Go figure) Seriously, whatever thing is calling gets our attention. Sometimes we have to fix things, and other times he is working on a longterm project such as the new puppy nursery annex.

Basketball is still a thing–Bradley’s season is over, but his younger brother is still playing. Nick has been doing excellent–in one of the games, he has 20 points. He didn’t have as many points in the win over Homedale, but it was a very hard-fought game. I would say it was brutal and extremely physical. The two teams meet again, Monday in Parma. I hope they can repeat the win.

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  1. Great stories this week Shela❣️

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