2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~January 19, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Temperatures have remained above the norm–now it is rain as well as mud. If the frost goes out, we will dry up in quick order. Otherwise, we will continue to fight the sloppy wet, muddy conditions. It rained about 1/4 inch last night. More rain is on its way.

Yesterday the FedX truck brought a delivery. He thought he would go around the roadside dumpster and the power poll. That was not a good idea. It is okay to drive there when things are dry; however, there is no gravel base. (Oops) He knocked. Cliff had to go get ‘Little Red’ tractor to push him to the road. He is fortunate we could do that, but another farmer seeing his plight came with their full-sized John Deere, but there is no place to hook onto–I don’t think the big tractor would have lined up. Nonetheless, he stuck around while Cliff helped out the driver in distress.


We are busy with the puppy thing. This is where I will mention that we kept Henri (Dixie X Boone) for the future. It will be a couple of years until she is considered for mating. When she is old enough, she is Longhair Carrier. We could mate her to Manfred (Aka–Manny) and get some Longhairs in the litter. As you can see, we have a pup we are raising– plus we have the babies for others, too.

This Week On the Blog…

Well, another week has come and gone. (Haha) You faithful folks came through again. We truly appreciate every update you send. None is ever wasted on us. We began the week with the lovely Berkley–we ended with Jennifer’s return. Her mother was good enough to capture the welcome home greet. We are ever so happy Jennifer is back from the Sandbox–with Colby and the rest of her family.

Sunday— January 13 — Berkley

Monday–- January 14 — And It Begins

Tuesday — January 15 — Grace & Bella Rae

Wednesday — January 16 — First Weimaraner

Thursday –- January 17 —  Loveable and More

Friday — January 18 — I’m Back (Jenn and Colby)

On a very personal note

You might remember that I wanted to make the pottery to create some bulb-forcing pots. I have given away the most lovely of the assortment, but I have one small tulip blooming. I love it. The recipients seem to love getting a January indoor bouquet –to grace the windowsill, counter, or their table. I still have a few bulbs to plant–I need to finish that today if I have enough potting soil.

If you read our ditty or this blog, then you know it is basketball–Bradley playing for Ontario High School and his younger brother (in the 7th Grade) will begin having games for the Middle School. He proudly shared that he made the A-team. (Haha) We are delighted. On Tuesday, Bradley got his first Varsity start. He did well–nine-points which included a three-pointer. He made the newspaper write up. Tonight’s game is away–we will not be making the trip. (Sad) I have a lot of video clips, but not many photos from the games. I should do better at capturing photos.

Cliff is busy building between keeping everything managed. That about sums up his everyday experience. He is doing well.

About OwyheeStar

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