2018 Weekly Synopsis


    ~NOVEMBER 24, 2018

Sunrise October 21 2017

Thanksgiving came and went. Some of us needed to let out our belt. (OMG) The colder than usual November temperatures seem to stick around. It did warm up a bit the last couple of days. All the while, snow is arriving in the mountains to the west and north. I don’t know if Bogus Basin is getting snow, but probably.

Mr. Sunshine on the last November Saturday

Christmas, if you subscribe to the holiday is in full swing. For all the talk about it not being politically correct, where we live it is a thing. People still say Merry Christmas. At the same time, I don’t believe most folks mean it a dose of meanness–it is more about the joy of proclaiming it. 


We are pedaling as fast as we can to keep up with the Dixie X Boone litter and the folks slated to bring a puppy home next year. Cliff patched the siding–Winnie and Gladys went to work on trying to destroy it. This chewing thing is how we know about the Weimaraner behavior issues. When given the opportunity, the Weimaraner will nibble on blankets, furniture, sheetrock, and even the house siding. (OMG)

Last Saturday we met a couple of folks near Pendleton, Oregon–the roads were dry and dusty. They were not all that friendly though. The driving in the left lane thing was a big issue. We made light of it–the silly drivers blocking traffic were everywhere. (Haha)

This Week ….

I find myself ever so thankful for folks who took the time and effort to update us. We trust that everyone got through Thanksgiving without an incident. We have not received news of anyone needing the emergency Vet services over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sunday— November 18 — Turkey Talk 

Monday–- November 19 — Taun & Bacchus

Tuesday — November 20 — Macy

Wednesday —November 21 — Pushkin

Thursday –-November 22 — Greeting (from Cliff and Shela)

Friday — November 23 — Winston

On a very personal note

Thanksgiving morning, Cliff went hunting with our grandson-in-law, and two grandsons. They came back with birds. Everyone got at least one bird. That was excellent.

I rode up to the Petersen’s Hill Top home with Cliff. It is here we gathered for Thanksgiving. While the guys chased birds around the hills, we prepared for our meal. Oh, and I danced with the two Great Granddaughters. I could not keep up with them–wow, they know how to dance Roaring Twenties Style. What a couple of gals!

Nick waiting for the rebound

We will be driving to Nyssa again today to see a couple of Nick’s Middle School Basketball games what fun it will be.

On the home front, I plan to add the ornaments to our all-season trees by the fire. The pepper swag I made is a beautiful red color–it is drying nicely. The bears guard things fireside. Oh, how we love our warm spot. Backing up to it after being outside in the cold is excellent. We know you love the feeling as well. Winter temperatures have arrived all too soon.

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