~ The Battle of the Wills

20180311_125527It has been awhile since I have sent you an update. Push is all Weim in every sense of the word. He is a manipulator par excellence! We are still working on the check cord that Cliff recommended. Pushkin will come 90% of the time. It is the remaining 10% that comes to a contest of wills, and mine is stronger! We started puppy classes about 3 weeks ago he is doing well with everything but the “down stay”. Again it becomes a contest of wills. Last week we worked on agility. He did great in the tunnel. I would run, he would run and he would be sitting outside the end of the tunnel waiting for me and of course his treat. He is feisty, stubborn and completely lovable. Thanks so much for the great dog!
P.S. he now weighs 36.5 pounds.

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear you and Pushkin are engaged in various activities. Getting compliance with the recall is vital as you know. All these other things are crucial too! You have the perfect mindset–ah, Pushkin this is happening sweet boy. Thank you, for the update and all your work at raising this lovely Gray Ghost.

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  1. Happy Wednesday Everyone! What is a check cord? “Come” is a relative word with Koda. His listening is relative to you having a treat or something he deems worthy. If not, he just ignores you. 🙂

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    Here is a link to where we would purchase one. You can also make one. Gun Dog Supply is awesome though. You could ask Cliff if there is a special way to use it but here is what I believe you typically do–you hook to a ring or sometimes over the collar. The cord is whatever length you guy (again I am not what length you would want) and you give them that far to do whatever. When you call, they need to come. The recall is vital–as you might guess. Step on the cord so they cannot just take off. If they decide they are not coming, then you reel them in (as if it is no big deal) and then act like they came when you get them there. That is how I believe it works. It is something to use for training.

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