2017 — The 52nd Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

The morning brings us to the last synopsis before we celebrate Christmas. We expect to have a white Christmas, but it has not fully arrived. It can hold off until that magical moment–that would be great. It was not to be so–we have the white falling from the sky this morning. It appears to be a somewhat lackluster attempt to frost us white though. We are okay with that scenario.

Our mailbox brought us cards and letters from so many of you. We always look forward to the news. Others have posted exclusively on Facebook. We try to cruise around and catch most everyone’s photos and messages. If we missed yours, please know it was appreciated. Speaking of missed–we wonder who overestimated the corner turn. Can we say signpost down?Christmas 2017-12

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts. Special thanks to all of you have remembered us with an update. We hope you enjoyed the poem I penned and the various bits of news.


Sunday— December 17 — First Christmas
Monday — December 18 — Jaeger

Tuesday — December 19 — Roxy (from beyond)

Wednesday — December 20 — Kitchen Finds

Thursday —December 21 — Walking (with Roo)

Friday — December 22 — Christmas (a poem by Shela)

On a very personal note

Cliff continues to work on the carport enclosure. I have been about Christmas and the usual. We will keep this simple and short today. We have been to a couple of our grandson’s basketball games, and our granddaughter came by to cut grandpa’s hair. Of course, that included a visit from the two adorable Great Granddaughters. So, that was pretty much like Christmas, don’t you agree?Christmas 2017-32

We did have a bit of wind. I had a make-shift tree affair out front that needed more swag, but it still looked cute (all lite up) when you drive past or park up front. Nevertheless, this is not what we had in mind. There seems to be a theme the post is down at the corner of Alameda and Onion, and here is what we have at our farmhouse front door.

Today will see me finishing the wrapping of gifts, baking of pies, and a few odds and ends. I also have a hair appointment. Since no presents are to be opened here, they are in a tote ready to be carried along. I hope we can get there–you never know what might happen. Being together is important. Love and best of wishes for your Christmas Celebration.

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