2017 49th Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

     ~December 2, 20171-Dixie X Boone Week Two-24


1-Dixie X Boone 2017 Newborn-7Hello December!

The week was a blur. At the same time, feelings and moments were ones of warmth and significance. For example, gazing at puppy faces, participating in family events, and anything with the grandkids. What could be better?

Last week Dixie’s baby looked like the photo to the left and below is the two-week snapshot. The eyes are opening. The difference in a week is startling. Each week’s development makes us smile. We hope you are equally enchanted.1-Dixie X Boone Week Two-24

December might be about a lot of things–many Americans get intense about their views. I doubt there is any other event that brings stronger feelings on either side of the fence than that of Christmas. On the one hand, we see those speaking of the reason for the reason. The opposers demand the removal of all that speaks to a God and the virgin birth. The complexities threaten to divide us as a people even more.

Whatever side you embrace, we sincerely hope you are found to be kind, generous, loving, and with a sizeable amount of joy. It is just sad to see something that once filled our homes with so much expectation become a battleground. Instead, may you know peace, love and all that is right and true with the holiday season.

Maybe we can agree that nearly everything in the universe and our lives point to the miracle of life. Puppies speak to my heart and remind me of this truth. We hope these cute faces delight you as well.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts. Special thanks to all of you have remembered us with great updates. We realize raising the Weimaraner can be a bit tricky and undaunting. It takes a bit of knack even with the proper approach and the must-have follow through. We appreciate you sharing your insights and journey–as do our readers. Sunday, we had a pleasant dose of puppy faces. Who knows–maybe this will be a December thing. Stress relief for times that demand a lot.

Sunday— November 26 — Just What You Need (Puppy Faces)
Monday — November 27 — Berkley (In the Groove)

Tuesday — November 28 — Two (Skeeter and Virgil the Longhair)

Wednesday — November 29 — The Human Element (Adding Tikka)

Thursday — November 30 — Moving up to Two (Tikka and Bill)

Friday — December 1 — Dasher (Healthy and Happy in California)

On a very personal note

Brad's 1st OHS High School Game-7

The tall blond-haired boy playing Post is our Grandson

Brad's 1st OHS High School Game-13We have received countless blessings this week. As I speak for some of them, they are not found in the order of significance. I can barely think where to start. I suppose I should start with our grandson’s basketball game. I got to attend. (OMG) I no longer got seated, and I had a terrible bout of coughing and spasms. I wondered if I could make it through without having to go to the Jeep and sit out the game. Things calmed. I was able to stay for the game’s entirety.

Grandpa and I enjoyed the game immensely. Returning to our high school gym for the first time since we memorialized my classmate (Michael Maeda) brought mixed feeling to the surface. I was thinking how Mike was always an Ontario Tiger. He would have found us to say something about Brad’s game had he been here in body, but we are sure he was with the Tigers and us from the great beyond. Secondly, the overwhelming reality of how long it has been since we sat in the student section and participated in the events of our day. Then too, the joy of watching Brad (wear #42) make some clutch plays. He was rewarded with playing time in the second game and did well there too–this we learned from our son.

Eleanor who has been a friend for decades presented me with a gift I could never repay in kind. See the huge bag? It was filled with her original creations for us. She has gifted me the exclusive right to use this art and market it any way I choose. This includes the owning of the originals. I am humbled and speechless by this sizeable gift. You will see more of this in the days ahead.

The carport enclosure is progressing. Next week I will include some photos of the progress. Cliff has the backside (the west) and the end (the south end) completed. He is starting across the front. He plans one overhead door so he can drive the Gator inside. Then we will have some barn doors and probably some walk-in doors on the south end. I am not sure exactly, and some of what he is doing has to be figured out as he goes along. There has been a lot of progress this week.











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