2017 42nd Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon
~October 28, 2017

Late Oct 2017-3

As I walked to the Jeep this morning–out the door to pick up my helper, Christina.


The promise of another lovely fall day looms large. The morning work was done in darkness, but by the time I left to get Christina, the sun was emerging ever so slightly. Lately, we have been not only dark but engulfed in a bank of fog. I would drive out of it a mile or so down the road. This morning, the fog bank was exclusively reserved for the banks of the Snake River. IMG_8102You can see (the river fog) it if you look closely at the second photo. By the time I got back, the farmers were either in the field or heading towards one. We saw one of the Kamishige’s on the road and the other brother already working the adjacent field. When the work awaits, and winter is knocking, they cannot afford to put off what must be done. Speaking of fog–look at the mist hanging over the harvested corn (across the road). It seems Halloween worthy.

Soon, our wheat will be planted. Then, we will wait and see what it brings early next year. I love winter wheat in that it greens up early–green cannot come soon enough after winter promises to give way to spring. Each season has its benefits–they are essential. We live in an actual four season area–each season dramatic.

This Week on the Blog

Haegar's Shiny_3285Here are the week’s posts. We had a bit of an International flavor to the blog–Jorja just returned from Belgium where she has always lived since leaving OwyheeStar. Winston reported in that he has moved to Ireland. It is fun to see a few OwyheeStars sprinkled around the globe. We don’t make a practice of sending our pups out; however, some of you take them with. We celebrated a birthday and read about the amazing Henry who has some tricks that make life fun. Of course, Shiny and Luey’s nosework was an incredible read–congratulations Shiny on the earned title. We also thank Julia for sharing this news and information with our readers. It has prompted interest from others including Marika (in New Zealand) who recently signed up for Spring 2018 Nosework Competition on the South Island. Finally, we ended with the smelly feet question. There was a little bit of everything with no puppy updates. We have them coming soon. Anyhow, we thank the contributors who are invested in helping us with our material. We love spotlighting various OwyheeStar Weims and sharing helpful information. We couldn’t do it without you!

Sunday—October 22 — Jorga
Monday —October 23 — Birthday Boy (Zeus)
Tuesday —October 24 — Winston (In Ireland)
Wednesday —October 25 — Nosework (Shiny Titles)
Thursday —October 26 — Henry (newest trick)
Friday — October 27 — Lu (smelly paws)

On a very personal note

     ~ The Utility Bath Awaits Shela

Cliff has made a concerted effort to finish the Utility Bath. I could not appreciate his sacrifice and attention to this project more. We are enjoying the various upgrades. Now, the monkey is on my (Shela’s) back. I have a bit of painting, cleaning, and fill work. Sadly, I may need to ask Cliff for something else–to cut some additional shelving. I need to pick up another small trashcan.

Yesterday, we met a client at Costco in Nampa. It was a two-fold purpose which included buying some household supplies. With all the storage in utility, there is enough room for an ample amount of toilet paper, extra laundry products, and all the essentials. I got most of this stocked in. (Hurrah!)

Cliff has been working so hard on things around this farm–it is endless. He has been moving dirt, and that just takes time. The old carport is being revamped–of course, this project is Weim-related. What isn’t? There is a little of this and that because we know snow and freezing temperatures are on the way.

We have had medical and dental things. Who doesn’t and we are not getting younger. My health crisis continues. Each day I am a tiny bit better–or at least I choose to believe I am. I can tell by the products I need to maintain. There were months when I was never without a cough drop. I thought I should invest in cough drop stock. I thought maybe I should try to purchase a case of lozenges. Alas, I have not been buying them of late. What is left is the obnoxious spasms and an occasional cough that travels along randomly. The spasms are often painful–imagine a very sour throat and unstopping hiccups. (ouch) Nonetheless, it is better. After a year of trying to get into a specific doctor Cliff and I, both managed to see him. We are delighted, and he gave me hope. He also has referred Cliff to the hand doctor–he has a condition that must be surgically corrected. I suppose he will be facing that soon.

IMG_8084My encounter this week with two of the medical professionals was not ideal. The blood draw didn’t come easy–not unusual, but sometimes I get someone with excellent skills. I was not so fortunate as I was left with was some pain and battle scars. The good news is that she had sense enough to call someone else sooner rather than later. I came away with red marks but no real bruising despite the soreness. I was not so lucky with the typically painless acupuncturist. She accidentally hit a vein and left me with a sizeable bruise.

IMG_8075Hope pervades even in the midst of the obstacles. I have looked at the cyclamen and talked about how it almost died earlier this year. I feel it mimics my journey. Yes, I stated on Facebook there is a plethora of blossoms and buds. Every moment it seems there is development. This photo was taken yesterday, but this morning there are new shoots loaded with buds preparing to open. Each one speaks to my heart and soul about the importance of hope. I leave you with this one question. What do we have without hope?




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  1. You are an inspiration to me – and to us all. Both of you are!

  2. Thank you! Speechless at OwyheeStar

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