2017 27th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

           ~July 15, 2017


Sage Summer 2017-6

Sage and Cliff went for a walk on Thursday morning

The summer weather is bearing down on the far Eastern Oregon Treasure Valley. Yesterday as we traveled to town we found one of the wheat fields was gone and another the edges were taken. So, we see a lot of the bean fields and now the wheat in the midst of harvest. I have said many times that I dislike having a barren look before winter; however, the harvest is ever so important. The unsung farmer labors to make us the food and often to eke out a living. Some years might yield a bumper crop that sells at an excellent price. Other times, paying the expenses can be difficult. Of course, our lives are time close to rural living (the farming and the ranching is close to our heart). You can see our hay has rebounded and is nearing another cutting. It would be great to make a little something (which is much-needed) from the hay this year. The price is down is which is perfect for those buying and not so helping to those raising it. We have a smaller hobby farm, but growing hay is preferable to crops that require more chemicals.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  Honestly, we have had just enough come in to keep us going. When I wanted to freak a bit, one of you came through with something just in time. Cliff and I cannot thank you enough. We absolutely appreciate you (who sent an update) for taking the time and effort!

Sunday—July 9 Loving (Raider and the Grand baby)

Monday —July 10 Rogue & Rebel

Tuesday —July 11 — Where to Drink

Wednesday — July 12 — In Missouri (Blue the Longhair does it all!)

Thursday  — July 13 — Meanwhile (In Alaska…)

Friday  — July 14 — So Many Caption Possibilities

Product Endorsement

There is no one product that works for every situation. Trainers each have their preferences. Certain Weimaraners will respond more to a particular approach. Regardless, we have known countless people who have struggled to get loose leash compliance succeed using this type of collar. Understanding how it works and getting the desired outcome takes a bit of knack, but when used correctly, this tool can be your best friend. We cannot emphasize how important achieving the loose leash compliance is on so many levels. Relying on head halters, front-hooking leashes, and pinch collars can seem like a Godsend; however, they can actually fuel the desire to pull. When used correctly, this collar can lead to compliance on a regular flat collar which is the ideal outcome. The folks at Chewy asked us to review this collar for them, and we were happy to do. We hope someone out there finds this helpful.

On a very personal note


I keep watching the Cyclamen. It is thriving but the floral array still alludes me. My heart longs for the beautiful red flowers that make me smile. Nonetheless, going from the top breaking off to several very nice looking leaves and more stems coming up is encouraging.

Hope comes in many forms. I think the silly cyclamen thing is something that keeps me going. It should have died, but instead, it thrived. We don’t control everything and even when something seems as if it is a lost cause, we can be shocked.

The Farmhouse Remodel vs. the heat

Cliff (for the most part) is derailed on working inside the farmhouse. We have been able to add some much-needed shelving. Otherwise, he has been busy outside, and the heat is really getting to him. When we were young, we both loved the heat. Then I found myself intolerant–probably due to a heat stroke. After the cancer treatment, the heat issue became bigger–anything beyond 80 degrees has to be extremely limited. Unless you have experienced the instantaneous swelling caused by Lymphedema (due to the removal of Lymph nodes) you cannot imagine this. We take so many things for granted until they no longer work. The lymph system is amazing.

The Lymph System

My lymph issue has improved more than I was told would be possible. At one point, my physical therapist said we might well have arrived at the limit of what was possible. My left arm was about an inch plus larger than the right on a good day. Since then, things have continued to improve. I think we are talking about a miracle. When George (the massage therapist) first started working on my arm, there were hardened tissue areas, and I developed cellulitis on two occasions. Now the harness is gone, and wrinkles of the best kind are a part of the healing process. My wrist had no wrinkles, and you could not see any veins even at what was considered a vast improvement. Now I have visible veins, wrist wrinkles, and a dip above my elbow. My body is coping with the lymph issue. I still have to be careful about the heat, and I continue to get therapeutic massages to ensure nothing hardens, but I am very thankful not to be having major issues with the Lymphedema. The lung issues remain. Nevertheless, it gets better, and like the Lymphedema issues, I believe that my body will heal itself.


Cliff is out in the heat way too much. He has struggled with Shingles for a number of years. Recently it has not surfaced, but with his extra load (due to me being not 100%) and the extreme heat they are flaring up. I feel his pain. He is busy moving the park-like lawn this morning. Every day brings a lot of things -the Weims, the farm–including irrigating, his birds, and the constant repairs. The problems crop up from every direction. We are indeed blessed that usually, he can fix what is broken.


About OwyheeStar

We are Professional Weimaraner breeders--with forty years experience at raising puppies. For many years, we have focused exclusively on the Weimaraner! If you are considering the Weimaraner, or live with one, we welcome you to sign up to our blog. We sincerely hope you will find the information, the stories, and varied posts insightful (as well as entertaining). To those who live with an OwyheeStar Weimaraner, we send special thanks. We appreciate the photos, the news, and your friendship. Thank you for being a part of the extended OwyheeStar family.

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