2017 19th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


The hay is cut and awaiting the chopper. Yes, it is being chopped and sold. There will be no big baled cubes of alfalfa. The market is soft, and this is the best route to go. We are thankful. If you are buying hay, it is always too pricey. If you are selling, well it requires a good price for the labor and expense. Once the cutting is gone, then Cliff has to corrugate and clean ditches. Winter was brutal on everything.

As you view this mown hay field, just imagine a female turkey running and jumping in bursts. She patrols and plays. She takes the fun to the road but sticks to her field. It is quite amusing.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you–especially those folks that dropped us a little something. (Whew, (again) it really helped!)

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Wednesday —May 17 — Angelic  (puppy faces)

Thursday  —May 18  — CrateTraining Journal

Friday  —May 19 — The Unfolding Saga

On a very personal note


The uphill battle to improved health continues. It is a steep climb. Many would scoff at the idea of the healing power of prayer or acupuncture. I embrace both. Medicine and medical treatment is something we value; however, on occasion it fails a person. In my case, I believe the treatment caused the issues. Maybe I should clarify it did cause –the original illnesses. The radiation compromised by slightly asthmatic lung thing. Bronchitis set in and reeked havoc in the upper respiratory. The medications prescribed triggered a serious issue in my gut which in turn caused severe acid reflux which got into the lungs. It burned my throat. It took me a while to realize the doctor was wrong–this wasn’t just a virus. The chain reaction set off something that has been difficult to manage–let alone to rid from my body.

I believe the acupuncture stimulates something that helps my body fight or turn back the attack. I tried to get a photo. There were several needles in my right hand and arm. The doctor didn’t realize I was trying to take a lefthanded snapshot using the phone. I got one off just before he got the last needle removed. The targeted areas were very tender, and as I like to say, the needles talked to me. A little needle-chat and some improvement–it is all good in my journal.

Cliff is pulled thin with the farm, the farmhouse update, and the typical Weim stuff. Then too, he has to deal with my health issue. There is no way around it. I wake him up with my coughing. He watches me struggle to try to get better. It is frustrating, to say the least.

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