Debbie’s Bella

Quick Work

Debbie's Bella_20170427_092304779.jpg

She did this within a week of bringing her home I fixed it then last week I caught her doing it again so I figured to avoid injury to her or myself while sleeping LOL to remove the blanket and the cord for some reason it is the only cord she’s chewed on so far. There is an electrical light strip with a bunch of stuff plugged into it and she hasn’t touched it just my blankie.

A Quirk of Hers

Debbie's Bella_20170426_155738292[1]Oh and I forgot she loves to sit on my head to look out the window. This is a picture (LOL)  of her using me for her perch.

What Do You Make of This?

The other day after Bella was done peeing I noticed a mucousy string of discharge is this something I need to take her to the vet for or is there something I can do at home? Thank you for your advice.

Breeder Comment

Debbie, I think this is a yeast infection. Some people like to take them to the Vet and you may want to do that; however, you could try a couple of things to see if it clears up. Here is a list of ideas.

  1. Anytime you have a concern, it is a good idea to take their temperature. Some people are not up for this because you do it rectally; however using a flexible baby thermometer it is not difficult. It is important to have a modern one though with good batteries–fast is preferable for both you and the Weim. It is often a two-person job.
  2. Vetericyn–we use a lot of the Vetericyn Wound Spray. It is amazing stuff and we would never be without it. A little goes a long way. We would spray her private area with this a couple of times a day.
  3. Vinegar and Water–a 50% mixture of cider vinegar and water can be used to clean her privates too! This also fights yeast infections.
  4. Yogurt–a couple of tablespoons of yogurt (with the live cultures) for a snack or with her meal is another good idea.
  5. Probiotics–if you use antibiotics it is always a good idea to use some probiotics to restore healthy bacteria. It will also fight the yeast infection.

More From Debbie

      ~ Levi and Bella 

Debbie's Bella_20170426_195805223Levi and Bella are enjoying their new bed at least it’s new for now. (LOL) Other than the mucus Bella has been perfect. She hasn’t chewed anything except for the electrical cord to my electric blanket. Yes, she did so while it was plugged in, but no worries though. Bella still has straight hair. ( haha )  It is unplugged and put away now.

I am happy to report that other than the couple things I mentioned she’s been doing great. She loves being outside. Well, she dug a couple of holes and she loves playing with Levi. All in all, though she’s doing excellent love her to pieces.

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