2017 12th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

     ~ our hay field is growing

Blocking the Road-7
The week was wet but today is showing glorious promise. The sun is here, and the 45 degrees vows to rise to a spring-worthy temperature. It might be teasing us a bit. Spring has its dance. Often we get lovely weather that causes the trees to bud out only to get a frost that nips at the buds–leaving us with less fruit than was expected. Beyond the rain, we saw a few interesting things–one being the Union Pacific blocking the crossing just east of our place. We cannot remember seeing them do this with two engines. I ran out and got a quick snapshot on the phone. We thought it was interesting that they parked two back-to-back engines and blocked the road. They use this entrance a lot for the equipment (pickup truck and other things rail-ready), but there is only one rail, so there is no way this would benefit a work crew. We will never know the purpose of the engine parking. Beyond the train parking, we had a lot of various birds come to our hay field this week. To mention a few of those we saw–8 turkeys, Wild Geese in various numbers, Doves, Pheasants–roosters and hens, blackbirds, and the seagulls.

Speaking of the unusual–we had snow again in the Pacific NW and the Treasure Valley. Mr. Winter has had a wicked design to wreak a lot of havoc this time around. First, he stole some of our fall weather, and now he encroaches on our much-anticipated Spring. Can we say enough? I think so!

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  This week our blog started with news of a not-Weim kind.  Nonetheless, this K-9 Rescue lives with an extreme Weimar family. They are a three-Weim family–a Blue, a traditional Gray Ghost and more recently a Blue Longhair. All three are males and get along well.

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On a very personal note

     ~The Utility Bath

Cliff continues to work on the utility bath. The work has to surround everything else happening here on the farm and with his Weimaraner training. Yesterday, we purchased some trim. We got home and put it above the tile, for a look-see. We both liked it. I would call that a win-win situation. The tile is about 4′ high on the utility bath walls–we didn’t purchase the more costly bullnose pieces for the top. Thus the trim was needed. We also bought a new faucet–found a deal. The one that came with the utility sink (which is not a high-end purchase, but it fits the pups perfectly) doesn’t work. I managed to use it, but the hose is too short, and it has some kind of water restriction. It will be good to have one that works better the next time I bath pups or do anything for that matter.

     ~ My Health

My heath crisis has been quite an ordeal. The whole thing loops back to the cancer treatment, and it has been far worse than that ordeal. You know some folks say the treatment is what sometimes kills you. For awhile I was concerned.

I still cough a lot. I am not contagious, but I am sure those hearing the cough think I am. I have to worry about everyone else’s cough and them infecting me. (It is laughable when you think about it. I sound horrid, and I am no risk to anyone, but a little flu bug or a cold could set me back in quick order.) We are careful. We don’t eat at buffets. If we get me out for a meal, the location is picked to avoid exposure. I don’t shop when the store is full and move through as quickly as possible. It gives me a new appreciation for so many that have lived in this mode much longer than us.

     ~ Acupuncture

I cannot explain it. There is no need to understand everything. The acupuncture seems to spark my immune system and help me make strides that I was unable to make without it. One might assume that it is merely a coincidence; however, it did the same thing after the cancer treatment. So, I am going to continue to take advantage of this opportunity through St. Luke’s Integrative Medicine. I do so appreciate all these folks who are so accommodating and caring. They make my life better.

     ~The Cyclamen

Cyclamen-6Before the breast cancer, I had a precancerous condition that required major surgery. I won’t go into details, but it was something I had always hoped to avoid. That was in June of 2012. Our good friend, Eleanor, brought me a cyclamen plant to the hospital. I expected to enjoy it there and be done with it. That seems to be what typically happens–the plant doesn’t live a long life. I did nothing extraordinary. This plant is in the original pot and soil. The roots have to be so compacted it makes me wonder how they can thrive. This plant has bloomed every day except a two-week period in 2014. I am somewhat concerned that there is only one blossom left and no sign of new budding. Maybe it has bloomed itself to death. Or, perhaps it is merely taking another vacation. If it doesn’t come back soon, I will try splitting the roots and repot it. I would so miss those blooms. Each one tickles my heart. They remind me of my faithful friend who gets the same kind of attention this plant receives–not much. Thank you for those who have shown their kindness and heard very little back from me. What can I say other than I appreciate you?








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