Thriving in Idaho


As you can see, Parker has made himself to home.



We’ve been enjoying the blog with all of the updates about Parker’s litter mates.


 And, he’s worked his way into our hearts! 


As you can see from the photos, Parker is growing up. Amazing how he’s grown in 3 weeks. He’s now a handsome young boy and he outgrew his forest green collar and his baby blue eyes. He now weighs 17 pounds!!!

We went to Dr. Calhoun on Wednesday and Parker got his 12-week puppy shot. His exam was excellent and his shoulder is doing very well. Kendall was just overwhelmed with how much he’s grown and how feisty he is. Dr. Calhoun seemed very pleased with his progress.

We think he’s hoping he can be a lap dog forever…

Yes, Parker’s quite a character…very busy all the time with his toys. He loves to play ball and he’s very good at it. He sleeps in his crate every night (with the door open) and we all sleep through the night. House training is coming along. (It helps if it’s not snowing or raining outside 🙂 He’s still afraid when the big dogs next door bark when he’s out in the backyard, but he loves to chase the little puppy who lives across the street.
We’ve registered Parker with AKC and gotten his AKC Reunite set up. Thank you for arranging all of that.
Take care,
Dave, Patty, and Paker

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  1. Oh my gosh he is adorable! We are looking forward to watching Parker grow up–and reading about his Weim antics on the blog!

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