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Who Knew?

     ~ In the beginning



Innocent until proven guilty; then forgiveness


Sometime Later

Zeus: (tries to steal catalogue)
Me: No, that’s Mommy’s.
Me: (looks through catalogue, orders a couple things from it online, puts it back on the table)
Zeus: (tries to steal catalogue)
Me: No, that’s Mommy’s.
Zeus: but but but…
Me: Okay, Mommy’s done looking at it.
Zeus: yay! (takes catalogue and proceeds to “recycle” it)

What It Looks Like!

Breeder Comment


Make no mistake this destructiveness is not an exclusive Longhair trait. It is an equal opportunity situation. We get notes from people telling us that their Weimaraner chews on the woodwork, counter surfs, eats the house siding, tears up the miscellaneous paper, etc. Once a behavior begins, it ‘s hard (and sometimes nearly impossible) to stop.

A segment of Weimlovers celebrate this fact as well as endorse it. They buy things that the Weimaraner can tear up. Honestly, we don’t suggest you do that. The best approach is to get ahead of this (and other unwanted behaviors) from day one of their arrival. Our mantra is simple–freedom is earned. It doesn’t mean it is easy to avoid the unwanted behaviors; however, finding a way to limit the developing Weim’s freedom to get into trouble is important. Many Weim owners utilize the crate. Some tie them to their waist–using a light line or a leash. The latter approach is still hard to manage when you get on the phone or are engaged in an activity. Taking your eyes off them for a moment can end badly. Even the best of Weimlovers can get caught short. (oops)

You might be one that finds this behavior amusing. You might assume it will pass with the puppy stage. You might be totally frustrated. Ultimately, you are the gatekeeper. What can you do? You can limit their freedom until they can be trusted–which is very demanding. (This is even truer when we are talking about an older pup or adult.) Remove their bedding from the crate. Only give them things that they can chew on without supervision–in the crate. Otherwise, you can prepare to have nibbled bedding and bits of destruction. This infringement might only occur when they are stressed, or it might be habitual in nature. It can be spontaneous–for example, in response to feeling abandoned. More than likely, the puppy segment teething segment (which goes on for quite some time) is when the destructive incessant chewing behavior takes root. Keep in mind that the concrete-thinking Weimaraner may become a lifetime chewer. We wish you all the luck with avoiding this scenario, and at the same time, we also know it is hard (unless it was a prized possession) to not chuckle at their antics. The uncontrollable destructive behaviors are one of the primary reasons the Weimaraner ends up finding a new home. That is a sad fact, but the owner’s frustration fuels the problem. It is a pressure-filled cycle that grows until only relief will work. It is then we pray the Weimaraner finds itself returned to the breeder or the Weimaraner rescue and not on Craig’s List. That is an unthinkable situation that often ends in endless passing off (from home to home) or worse. Even with the best of situations, this can haunt a person.

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We are Professional Weimaraner breeders--with forty years experience at raising puppies. For many years, we have focused exclusively on the Weimaraner! If you are considering the Weimaraner, or live with one, we welcome you to sign up to our blog. We sincerely hope you will find the information, the stories, and varied posts insightful (as well as entertaining). To those who live with an OwyheeStar Weimaraner, we send special thanks. We appreciate the photos, the news, and your friendship. Thank you for being a part of the extended OwyheeStar family.

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  1. Oh Zeus…..that magazine was irresistible! We think at age 5, Maizie is well-behaved. When we leave home without her though–we have to close interior doors to remove temptations–from waste basket surfing to protecting her from her penchant for paper in the office! We thought we came home to a “good girl” yesterday, until Jerry discovered a new packet of “Stim-u-dents” on the floor–cardboard consumed and the toothpicks scattered on the floor!

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