Stella Blue

We are off to a Good Start

We wanted you to know that we love our new baby girl! ❤ She has adjusted well to our family in her first week.  She only cried two nights in her crate at night. The third night she cried once and the last few have been silent from 9:30pm to about 6am when Tim wakes her up.
img_4964She’s very sweet and super smart.  We can tell by his quick she’s picking things up.  She’s pretty good at going near the door when she wants to go outside for her business.
We weighed her this morning and she was 14.4 pounds at 10.5 weeks.  Hopefully, that’s a good weight.  😬  She’s been eating terrific; we’re happy to say she doesn’t seem to be a ‘scarfer.’ Just eats some and comes back later.  We discovered she loves Greek yogurt, but not a fan of apples.   Maybe later.
img_4962We finally had a clear day and we took her out to a remote trail for a little adventure and we are pretty sure it was her best day ever!  I will attach some pictures so you can see her adorable little face.  I must say I used to be a Labrador person, but I’m convinced that Weimaraner’s are now my favorite.

Thank you for connecting us to our perfect puppy!

Jill, Timothy, Libby and Stella Blue

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled you are doing so well together.

It is a huge plus that she doesn’t gulp her food.😬  That is something to celebrate.

The experts regale the benefits of growing a Large Breed puppy slower. Some people are not fond of the Large Breed Puppy Food; however, feeding the regular puppy chow will encourage rapid growth. A chubby round pup might be appealing, but it is not as healthy. Growing her slower is preferable they say for the joints.It is great that Stella Blue loves Greek yogurt. Does she like peanut butter? Maybe she would like an apple slice with peanut butter. Never feed the cores as the seeds contain cyanide, and that can build up over time. Pumpkin or Winter Squash is an excellent treat. You can steam and freeze it in slices. It is great for the tummy and something good for any Weimaraner that likes it. You can use canned pumpkin (not the pumpkin pie mix, though). During the fall I like to buy a few pumpkins and bake them, slice and freeze. Of course, pulp would take less freezer space. I just do what I can handle. The Weims go crazy for it. Winter squash is also excellent. If you bake it, you can add a little coconut oil to it while it cools. The addition is a very healthy way to enhance their health. You could also create paw moisturizer using coconut oil and possibly a small bit of essential oil.

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  1. Stella Blue is beautiful! I hope she becomes a regular on the blog so we can watch her grow up! Maizie expects bites of apples whenever we are eating one. She is particular though, spits it out if it is too tart! Thanks for reminding me about the benefits of coconut oil!

    • We hope she is a frequent contributor too! I wonder if the peanut butter would help with the tart apple? I think the small things we do to enhance the immune system are worth the trouble. No matter what we do, they depart us way too soon. We want to do what we are able to make them stay as long as it is feasible.

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