2017 5th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


We have our paws crossed in the hope that the Ontario area weather sees improvement. Someone said we have had 60 inches of snow recorded. I didn’t look that up. There are mixed reports, and there is no denying that we are in the throes of one of the worst snow situations ever. Nonetheless, we are so fortunate to have all the equipment to remove the snow. You cannot go anywhere and not see a Michigan Front End Loader at work.

The rain came yesterday. We can hope this snow melts soon, but not too swiftly. We don’t wish for flooding along with all the other change. The structures being down means that the landscape is going to look a lot different. Our neighbors have cleaned up to farm building where they had tractors and other farm machinery stored. If we ever wondered what was in their buildings, there is no question. On the corner of 18th and Alameda, a collection of various small tractors and equipment sit –the debris has been hauled away.

The groundhog’s popularity is at an all-time low. Who can endure six more weeks of winter? We can; we are not so willing to embrace it, though.


This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  We had fun news from down under (New Zealand adventures) and finished the week with Virgil’s first swim. Hurrah!

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On a very personal note

Not much has changed. I’ve been struggling healthwise for way too long. I have to spend some of every day working on trying to get better. What a bummer to have to write that, but I pledged, to be honest on this blog. In some ways, I am better, but I feel paper-thin if you understand. Cliff is on overload more than usual. I can do nothing about this, and it weighs heavily on my spirit.

Cliff purchased some snowshoes to be able to walk around the farm. He tried them out yesterday. He and Stackhouse went to the sanctuary. It was unusually void of birds and other paw prints. They did see a bunny. We are concerned about the pheasant and quail. What can they find to eat? Where are they hiding? Do the other animals make a meal of them? These are things we ask.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are in need of a few stories to get through the December blogging. Several of you have promised; however, we understand how busy you might be–nevertheless if you can send along something we would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. I wish for you and Cliff, snow melt, warmer temperatures, signs of Spring, and strength and wellness for you Shela, and a rest for Cliff. 💕🐾🌹

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