Self Talk

Are Your Inner Most Feelings Important?

~What do you say to yourself; how do you address what is happening?

bambi-is-home-2The spoken and unspoken– they are both crucial. Do words, emotions, and feelings affect the outcome of your Weimaraner’s training? Absolutely!

There are different training methods. Each of us has a different skill level and a unique environment. Regardless of any of these facts, nothing will affect your success with the Weimaraner more than your attitude and outlook. Expectations can get us in trouble. When it doesn’t go as planned, it is easy to become disillusioned and frustrated.

Just like speaking ill of yourself, it is not healthy for your relationship–it works the same for you and the pup. If you are excited and do your part, the Weimaraner will respond. It might not be as you pictured it. That is where our expectations get us in trouble. There are a uniqueness and unique quality to each Weimaraner relationship. You have never been down this path before. Comparisons are also a pot hole experience.

What you are feeling inside affects the Weim’s interpretation. To use a couple of idioms — they can read you like a well-plotted novel and play you like a fine-tuned instrument. This concept is hard to grasp. It is hard to control that natural reflex inside us that tightens when things go sideways. We look calm and remain calm on the outside, but that isn’t the whole of it. When they pick up that we are frustrated, disappointed, etc. it colors the big picture. Sometimes we cannot help our self. We might have to use the crate and take a time out. Other times we need to breathe and speak to the situation. The truth is this is a journey. It takes as long as it takes. What you can become together remains to be seen. The unfolding and discovery is a complicated process.


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