Endless Energy


Hope all if well in Weim land!  Maverick is now a little over 6 months old and is FULL of endless energy!  He is a smart puppy, a little too smart if you ask me!  Maverick is a true Weim, through and through with his antics and personality.


He is in training and doing well.  He likes to jump up on people and nip, so we are working on that.  He loves to run and fetch and run some more… and then some more.  I seriously do not know where he bottles all of his endless energy.  Bill will be working him in the field this Pheasant season with our older Weim, Sawyer, almost 12 years old.  He is showing great potential as a bird dog and we are looking forward to seeing what he can do, especially since Sawyer will be retiring from the field after this season.

Vaccine Question

I wanted to ask you a question about Weims and shots.  Do you recommend Maverick getting a shot for Kennel Cough?  Most of the places I am looking into for doggie day care to get him more socialized with other dogs require dogs to have this shot to protect the.  I just wanted to check with you and see your thoughts.


Breeder Comment

Thank you, Jennifer, for the update. We really love the photos you sent along with the update. You pose a good question.

Weimaraner Club of America (WCA) Vaccine Protocol Recommendations–click here!

The use of Corona, Leptospirosis, Bordatella and Lyme vaccines are not recommended unless these diseases are prevalent in the area; and should never be administered along with the core vaccines listed above, but rather separately, and at a time when the pup’s immune system is mature. Rabies vaccinations should be given as required by law, but not coincident with other vaccinations. If possible, wait until the puppy is older than 16 weeks.

We recommend vaccinating your Weimaraner. That doesn’t mean throwing every vaccine possible at them. It does; however, say that they need a Weimaraner friendly vaccine protocol.

You have to be the keeper of the Weimaraner’s vaccine protocol. Ultimately, you decide because the Veterinary practice most likely will offer (and in most cases encourage) additional vaccine. This broad-based Veterinary Office Vaccine protocol may suggest doubling up on vaccine–more than one vaccine at the same visit. We recommend you separate vaccine–one to a visit. That means you would not get any other shot when you get the Rabies, and then–you would wait for at least two weeks before getting another vaccination, such as the Bordetella. It would be wise to wait for more than the two weeks in our opinion.

As for the Bordetella (Kennel Cough ) vaccine. If you are going to be doing classes, using daycare, or even frequenting the dog park, it is probably in your best interest to get them vaccinated. Fall is a good time to consider the Kennel Cough protection. Like the flu and cold season, fall, winter, and early spring are the time to expect an outbreak.

Disclosure–Cliff and Shela Nielsen are not licensed Veterinarians or Licensed Vet Techs. These recommendations are based on the WCA vaccine protocol which is developed with the Weimaraner’s best interest in mind.

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