AKA June Bug

I just wanted to drop a quick note to update you on our little June Bug, she is doing great! 

magnusons-willow-and-juniper_0321She is doing extremely well in her training, she is smart and biddable.  As you know, we completed one Puppy Obedience class, and now I am bringing her with me to teach the group Obedience classes that I conduct- I use her for demonstrations, as I tell my students that I am in the same boat they are, with a five-month old puppy just learning the ropes!   Everyone thinks she is adorable and as we wrap up the hour, I take questions and such as Juniper lies at my feet, then she begins to roll and kick and act silly and everyone cracks up!  She is enjoying meeting all the other dogs in class, she is quite submissive and really enjoys the smaller dogs and the calmer puppies the most.  I plan to enroll her in another Home Obedience class in about a month so she gets more training as well. 

We are going to enter more UKC dog shows that are in October, she will be in the 6-9 month puppy class so I am grateful that the judges understand puppy behavior- it will be a challenge to get her to stand still and gait without getting distracted, but we will do our best and most importantly, we will have fun!

She is fully housetrained, we did not have even one single accident.  Amazing.

Once we got her over her initial drama about being in her kennel crate, she now loves it.  She has her blankie and her squeaky toy and I give her a chewie treat, it is her safe haven and she will run into it on her own and take a nap, even with the door still open.

She is quite the huntress like Willow, they stalk and catch little prey on my property here, such as voles, mice, moles and an occasional bird.  They love to run the pastures while I work around my place, which is what we will do today as I have chores to do. 

She is perfectly healthy, strong and bright and beautiful, I get compliments on her (and Willow of course) continually. 

Willow and Juniper have very different personalities, which is fun- I enjoy watching them interact with each other and build their “sister” relationship.  Juniper is much more of a challenge to raise, I am glad she is with me because I think a novice dog owner would have had a difficult time with her.  Willow was a breeze to raise, Juniper takes more work but she is precious and we love her.  I can tell that she will be a fabulous adult dog when she matures, she needs to be guided in the right direction and we will be successful. 

Thanks again for my two wonderful girls, talk to you soon, Jan~

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  1. I loved reading about Juniper. She sounds amazing–energetic, silly and loveable.

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