Quick Learner

Fliger's Henry Sept 2016A

It’s been a while since I updated on Henry. He is still doing very well. We started puppy classes a bit late (last weekend) but it doesn’t seem to be a detriment. He picks things up pretty naturally. His latest trick is opening the back door when he wants to come in. One of these days we will remember to consistently lock the door so he can’t do that. Seems he learns faster than we do, lol. The naughtiest thing he does is occasionally grab food off the counter. But not things you think he would want. One day I came home to a floor covered in tomato seeds, Henry had let himself in from outside while Kevin was in his office, and helped himself to about 10 tomatoes. Yesterday I walked upstairs for about a minute, came down and he had a banana in his mouth. Last night I had fresh salmon on the counter, he didn’t jump up one time while I was preparing it. Maybe he was sitting pretty and just hoping something would fall.

Exploiting the Weakest Link

He isn’t much of a beggar in the off chance he is out while we eat. Usually, he is outside or in his kennel during mealtime. He pretty much knows not to mess with me or Kevin, but he is still testing waters with the kids. This picture is from a few minutes ago. Erik was eating and Henry was all over him at first. I stayed quiet and let them figure it out. Within a few minutes of Erik setting down his food and correcting Henry a few times, he got it and laid down behind him. The little kids; however, are really struggling to control Henry, so he spends more time in the Kennel or outside when they are all around.Fliger's Henry Sept 2016B

Breeder Comment

Children fuel the energy and invite excitement. This scenario is particularly the case if there are several youngsters darting about. It is interesting to know that the Weimaraner often will be very gentle and calm with a baby whereas the active young folk sparks them to action. The Weimaraner has to learn how to respect them –not to jump up and whatnot. Children are typically not considered the trainer in our experience. In the Weim’s eyes, they are their equal at best. They (the Weimaraners) are always trying to manage and manipulate the system to the way they see their world.

There are things (and these are varied as to the age and situation) the young family members can do that would interrupt these behaviors. Nevertheless, it is hard to accomplish as the young Weimaraner sees himself as a part of the group and wants to interact as is natural to him. Using the kennel is better than letting bad things happen. In time, he should learn to be respectful –not to mouth, not to jump up, and not to knock down his playmates. These are all essential skills. If he wants to please you and learns it is unacceptable, then you can discourage this activity. There are many ways you can encourage this desired behavior. We know it will come because you have achieved so much in a short time. Thank you–for the great effort and for loving Henry so much. 

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