Photos at Six-Weeks

~Prior to Leaving OwyheeStar

Apollo is adjusting well.  In fact, I would venture to say he has settled into our home and is now taking to trying to become the boss like any weim would.  He is a very good puppy.  He has a very active day each day and lots of good rest at night.  He is very “birdie” around the quail and I am looking forward to working him in the field this fall.  He is really taking to working the birds albeit slowly as he is a puppy.  He gets sidetracked with fun sticks and other such things.  He appears to be doing very well and I have had him to the vet and the vet says he is doing well. 

We are already on our third collar he is growing so fast. 

Thank you again for helping me to get a new puppy.  I truly mean that thank you.


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