At Home in Washington State

We just wanted to let you know how awesome Roy is doing and what a special guy he is!

Boy does he like to sleep! Kennel training is going really well he sleeps in his kennel for 2-5 hours before he wakes and needs to go potty. He hasn’t got to be in our bed yet so he doesn’t know what he’s missing!  He’s perfectly content in his kennel as long as Nick and I are in the house somewhere. Today we practiced leaving and we took the keys and started the car and waited outside. We could hear the poor guy screaming. We have done it a few times now and he’s learning to calm down. No potty accidents he goes right to the door. Such a good boy! He is seriously the most malleable guys ever he just wants to crawl in your lap and melt like a Popsicle to sleep in it. He’s gone in the pool a few times he’s not really liking it but we have gotten in and tried to encourage him.

We love our sleepy guy and can’t wait for him to grow into all his extra skin! Thanks Shela


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  1. Roy is such a cute pup…and I bet his eggs-tra skin will fit soon… :o)

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