The Amazing Snuggle MonsterSchachter's Benson a Young Longhair

He’s been amazing thus far – has slept through the night since day 1, in his crate.

Since the day we brought Benson home he has been a total snuggle monster. His favorite place is to be right between my wife and me on the couch. Most of the time he is laying on his back with both of us petting him, or he’s sitting upright like a person watching TV with us. When I’m working at home, he likes to sit next to me with his head on my lap, or when we’re eating dinner he sits right under the table between both of our feet. Even at 10 weeks, he is very, very loyal and loving to both of us and we love him even more than we thought possible!!

Breeder Comment

Benson is off to a great start. He is this couple’s first Longhair Weimaraner, but not their first Weim. They are doing fabulous together. Benson had to slide into some big paw prints left by the former Weimaraner.

When a loss occurs, who can find the words? There are none that adequately describe the hole-in-the-heart experience of losing the Weimaraner. Some folks try to get another Weimaraner that is as similar as possible. A few opt to make a change in coat color, coat length or choose the opposite sex. No one can speak to what is right for another person. Nonetheless, having experienced this type of loss, we can agree it is heartrending. Thank you, Benson, for being awesome.


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