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Pinto the Pony Went Viral

Recently in Texas, Pinto the pony went viral. We laughed so hard watching the video. But let me tell you, we live with our own “Pinto”. Opus is the most entertaining dork. Every day we are entertained.
These dogs really make us laugh. My gosh, the joy our Weimaraners give us, and the awesome breeders that know what they are are doing deserves mentioning!
I have more photos of his shenanigans. Plenty of material!
I completely blame the sophomoric activity on my husbands’s dog. MY DOG is well behaved and never does this kind of thing…
Opus Summer 2016b
So to get back, I penciled in his eyebrows a little darker. I couldn’t help it. I’m an aesthetician and sometimes we see room for improvement. (Don’t panic, it wiped off).
Opus Summer 2016b-2
He will sit at this window for a good 30 minutes just watching the birds, squirrels, etc. So pensive!
He’s a total cuddle bug. He knows three times a day: 7:00 AM BREAKFAST 6:00 PM DINNER AND 8:00 BEDTIME! Don’t think about being tardy.
Love to y’all.

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  1. Opus is a 100% real weim, no doubts LOL The tp-roll reminds me of the signature of Freddy Krueger of Nightmare on Elm Street :o)

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