George Again

George is doing well

June 21, 2016

Dealy's George 1.JPG

I Just wanted to say hi and gives you an update. George is doing well. Still eating like a monster. He’s a great balance so far in his temperament between being very affectionate and person-centered without being needy. No signs of bad separation anxiety yet, I think careful handling is going a long way there.

I came home last night to find he had apparently tried to eat a bee- puppy rite of passage, see the before and after photos below. Heading down to the Mt Hood area in a few weeks to chase some jackrabbits with some friends and camp, looking forward to getting him out in the woods.

Breeder’s Comment

It is great that George is not suffering from the symptoms of separation anxiety. The fact that you have other dogs who are accepting George helps. Then there is the effort you are putting into the socialization which is hugely beneficial.

Do Not Make Comparisons

Everyone’s skill set, home environment, and lifestyle is different. The variances and the individuality of each pup configure the stage for an individualized as well as unique scenario. Keep forefront in your mind and heart that this is a journey.

If you hear someone is doing better than you feel you are doing, two things might happen–possibly more.

  1. You might be envious or feel defeated
  2. You might try to find out why they are having more success.
  3. You might share this with your friends, family, or on the social network and get a wealth of advice.
  4. You may begin making a few comparisons. For example, you begin to ponder your previous dog experiences or compare what is happening with other people’s result.

Finding Your Way Together

You can get information and pointers from others; however, ultimately you must find your way together. It is never good to compare your situation. If you are struggling with separation anxiety or the crate training; stay calm and keep making progress. You can win this battle. It takes as long as it takes; the less frustrated you become–, the better. Take it in stride; however, don’t give up. This process is about what you can become together.

Find Something Positive

If you are struggling, don’t make it the focus. Take a step back and look for something that is going well. For example, if the pup retrieves, do some retrieving. (Hurrah!) It is always important to celebrate the victories and to remember you need to win the little battles. They may seem daunting but in time the Weimaraner can not only embrace the crate but learn to love it. You will not believe the benefits this can offer. They don’t have to live in a kennel, but there are times when being crate trained is a huge plus.

Finally, the crate training when done in conjunction with housebreaking will help the pup learn to wait to potty. Of course, the right sized kennel is important early on. There should not be much extra room in the kennel. Crate training –that is another discussion.




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  1. I like the shark photo… it really feels like that when they use their puppy-teeth :O)

  2. Yup–I tell people we are sending home a shark baby.

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