Cliff and Shela,
Time is the most valuable resource we have. When you are young, it is easy to forget that. It seems like yesterday, I was flying to Boise, Idaho to meet Cliff and you for the first time after months of conversation on the phone and email. I was picking up my first Weimaraner, an 8 week old blue male that I had named Zeke. I named him Zeke after a good friend that perished in a car crash. The Weimaraner was my dream dog. I had wanted one for 5 years before I could make it a reality. Finally, it happened and it was not yesterday, it was 9 years ago in July 2007.
Zeke means the world to me. I can look into his eyes and see the love he has for me. In many ways, he is like a little brother. He wants to hang out with me everywhere I go. When I work or write this very email, he lays under my desk. If I glance his direction, he gives me a glance back and he is so happy for my attention. He is loyal through and through. I can unequivocally say Zeke has changed my life.
He is unbelievably smart. Ever since picking him up in Boise, I’ve spoken to him as if he is just another family member. I never degraded him to dog status. He was a dog with all the smarts and characteristics of a human. He is patient and learns quickly. He is eager and energetic to learn new things. People are amazed by his ability to “understand English”. Since I have always spoken to him just as I would another human, he knows words many dogs would never pick up on such as names of rooms, objects and locations. I can tell him to go to a room and pick up a certain object and he will. It is unreal.
People meeting him for the first time believe he is still very young. I adopted another Weimaraner named Jay in 2011 from an oil driller who could not take care of him anymore. Zeke has been an incredible role model ever since. I believe all Weimaraner’s are incredibly smart (especially if trained properly) but Zeke’s abilities go a step further than average. When Jay first came to me, he was in poor shape. He had bad training, bad habits and was not in excellent health either. Zeke took him under his wing and helped me turn Jay into another outstanding companion. Zeke is 4 years older than Jay but does not act like it at all. I think Zeke acts younger and more energetic then Jay.
Anyways, that is a update on my Weimaraner Compound in Oklahoma. The point of this message was that time flies by way too fast. Zeke is getting older but I want him to stay young forever. I had his birthday party earlier this month.
Thank you for Zeke!
Austin Patton, President
Patton & Associates Construction Company
M: (918) 931-8375
W: (918) 456-6666
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Breeder’s Comment

When we first heard from Austin, it made us take pause. He was young, and he lived a long distance from us. Regardless, after a few emails and a phone dialogue we were convinced. As he states, he flew into Boise and carried the pup home on the airplane. Since then there have been many adventures. We have watched him skydiving, get married, run his business with success, and continue to be faithful his the two Weims. We appreciate people who are busy who manage to drop us a note. Who has a birthday son made for the Weim? Well, we hope you got a hoot out of this birthday party.

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  1. that was wonderful to read and I agree with every word… sometimes it is really like unreal how they can act… and I’m sure they understand every word… even the words they shouldn’t hear lol

  2. What a wonderful story! What a sweet birthday video!!! The Weim’s English vocabulary is amazing, we know.

  3. I think I’m a little biased but that video makes me laugh every time. Thank you for sharing! Maybe we will see more Weim birthday videos soon! -AP

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